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India Listings: Country State District   Faces
<span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Tharu Rana of India  (13,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Brahmin Gaur of India  (2,967,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Mala Dasu of India  (12,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Kachhia (Hindu traditions) of India  (109,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Halwakki Wakkal of India  (137,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Tarkhan (Muslim traditions) of India  (16,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Nat (Muslim traditions) of India  (137,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Chamar (Muslim traditions) of India  (17,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Kolhati of India  (29,000)
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