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Berber, Warain of Morocco
Population:  313,000
Status: Unreached
Bhuiya of India
Population:  2,013,000
Status: Unreached
Pinjara of Pakistan
Population:  174,000
Status: Unreached
Malay, East Malaysia of Malaysia
Population:  284,000
Status: Unreached
Koiri (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  8,153,000
Status: Unreached
Konjo Coastal of Indonesia
Population:  222,000
Status: Unreached
Talieng of Laos
Population:  36,000
Status: Unreached
Avar, Dagestani of Russia
Population:  767,000
Status: Unreached
Nalu of Guinea-Bissau
Population:  11,000
Status: Unreached
Luoluopo, Southeastern of China
Population:  46,000
Status: Unreached

Mission Question
How many Muslim people groups in Central Asia have a complete Bible in their primary language but are unreached?  Answer ...

Missions Scripture
"The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever."  Revelation 11:15

Unreached Peoples Fact
There are 109 Buddhist majority people groups over 100,000 in size.  More Mission Facts ...

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