I disagree with this website.

You might have landed on this website and find you disagree with what is presented here. Joshua Project encourages you to consider some of the questions below:

Investigating the Claims of Christ

Comparing World Religions

Kagoro of Mali
Population:  44,000
Status: Unreached
Lamet of Laos
Population:  25,000
Status: Unreached
Sutradhar (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  419,000
Status: Unreached
Kanuri, Yerwa of Cameroon
Population:  156,000
Status: Unreached
Avar, Dagestani of Russia
Population:  767,000
Status: Unreached
Badhai (Hindu traditions) of Pakistan
Population:  6,900
Status: Unreached
Khmu, Puman of China
Population:  22,000
Status: Unreached
Bedouin, Arosien of Western Sahara
Population:  7,700
Status: Unreached
Kerinci of Indonesia
Population:  328,000
Status: Unreached
Ersu of China
Population:  43,000
Status: Unreached

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