Unreached People Ideas for Churches


Develop Vision for the Unreached

Deepen Commitment to the Unreached

Become Senders to the Unreached

Jama Mapun, Bajau Kagayan of Philippines
Population:  47,000
Status: Unreached
Hazara of Afghanistan
Population:  2,876,000
Status: Unreached
Senoufo, Dyimini of Côte d'Ivoire
Population:  157,000
Status: Unreached
Gond of India
Population:  15,586,000
Status: Unreached
Teli (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  19,006,000
Status: Unreached
Hausa of Nigeria
Population:  29,448,000
Status: Unreached
Arab, Palestinian of West Bank / Gaza
Population:  4,284,000
Status: Unreached
Ahar of India
Population:  1,485,000
Status: Unreached
Jotoni of Mali
Population:  16,000
Status: Unreached
Dzala of Bhutan
Population:  17,000
Status: Unreached

Mission Question
How many Buddhist people groups in the 10/40 Window are larger than 1,000,000 and unreached?  Answer ...

Missions Scripture
"And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations."  Mark 13:10

Unreached Peoples Fact
The Gond of India speak 106 languages, and the Rajput speak 100.  More Mission Facts ...

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