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Qazi of Nepal
Population:  9,800
Status: Unreached
Fulani, Fouta Tooro of Senegal
Population:  646,000
Status: Unreached
Wolio of Indonesia
Population:  236,000
Status: Unreached
Bedia (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  542,000
Status: Unreached
Banjar of Indonesia
Population:  4,177,000
Status: Unreached
Baidya (Hindu traditions) of Bangladesh
Population:  130,000
Status: Unreached
Nisu, Jianshui of China
Population:  225,000
Status: Unreached
Kanuri, Yerwa of Nigeria
Population:  6,585,000
Status: Unreached
Brunei Malay of Brunei
Population:  181,000
Status: Unreached
Landoma of Guinea
Population:  27,000
Status: Unreached

Mission Question
How many Hindu people groups in the 10/40 Window are larger than 5,000,000 and unreached?  Answer ...

Missions Scripture
"Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done."  Psalm 105:1

Unreached Peoples Fact
All but five small groups of Sri Lanka's 43 people groups have at least Bible portions available in their primary language.  More Mission Facts ...

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