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AcehAudio New Testament24,089,000
AchangAudio New Testament370,000
AcheAudio New Testament11,100
AchiAudio New Testament286,000
AcholiAudio New Testament21,700,000
Achuar-ShiwiarAudio New Testament28,000
AdeleAudio New Testament234,000
AdholaAudio New Testament1515,000
AdioukrouAudio New Testament1130,000
AguarunaAudio New Testament145,000
AgutaynenAudio New Testament117,000
AkanAudio New Testament6610,325,000
AkatekoAudio New Testament281,000
AkhaAudio New Testament7596,000
AkooseAudio New Testament1131,000
AlanganAudio New Testament19,800
Albanian, GhegAudio New Testament114,287,000
Albanian, ToskAudio New Testament273,166,000
AlladianAudio New Testament135,000
Altai, SouthernAudio New Testament259,000
AlurAudio New Testament21,936,000
American Sign LanguageAudio New Testament64,100
AmharicAudio New Testament2524,907,000
AnjamAudio New Testament12,600
AnufoAudio New Testament3177,000
Arabic, Chadian SpokenAudio New Testament101,531,000
Arabic, Egyptian SpokenAudio New Testament3862,251,000
Arabic, North Mesopotamian SpokeAudio New Testament511,629,000
Arabic, Sudanese SpokenAudio New Testament782,078,000
Aralle-TabulahanAudio New Testament118,000
AringaAudio New Testament1429,000
Arop-LokepAudio New Testament44,100
ArosiAudio New Testament29,900
AruamuAudio New Testament114,000
AshaninkaAudio New Testament131,000
AukanAudio New Testament334,000
AvokayaAudio New Testament291,000
AwaAudio New Testament12,600
Awa-CuaiquerAudio New Testament214,000
AwadhiAudio New Testament163,746,000
AwakatekoAudio New Testament126,000
Aymara, CentralAudio New Testament52,935,000
AyoreoAudio New Testament24,700
Ayta, Mag-antsiAudio New Testament113,000
Azerbaijani, NorthAudio New Testament217,913,000
BaatonumAudio New Testament4941,000
BaeleleaAudio New Testament113,000
BafiaAudio New Testament2101,000
BafutAudio New Testament1126,000
BahnarAudio New Testament1187,000
BalantakAudio New Testament135,000
BaliAudio New Testament33,890,000
BamanankanAudio New Testament144,211,000
BambamAudio New Testament134,000
BamunAudio New Testament1468,000
BanaAudio New Testament226,000
BandiAudio New Testament2157,000
BandialAudio New Testament214,000
BangalaAudio New Testament1Unknown
BaouleAudio New Testament33,260,000
BariAudio New Testament5506,000
BasaAudio New Testament1278,000
BasaaAudio New Testament1501,000
BassaAudio New Testament2537,000
Batak KaroAudio New Testament2798,000
Batak SimalungunAudio New Testament11,402,000
BedjondAudio New Testament1123,000
BekwarraAudio New Testament1180,000
Belize Kriol EnglishAudio New Testament2121,000
BembaAudio New Testament124,971,000
BenchAudio New Testament1396,000
BengaliAudio New Testament1113229,779,000
Bete, DaloaAudio New Testament1199,000
BhojpuriAudio New Testament3347,873,000
Bikol, CentralAudio New Testament24,000,000
BimobaAudio New Testament1149,000
Birifor, MalbaAudio New Testament1193,000
Birifor, SouthernAudio New Testament2166,000
BisaAudio New Testament4842,000
BislamaAudio New Testament311,000
Blaan, KoronadalAudio New Testament2167,000
Blaan, SaranganiAudio New Testament1116,000
Bobo Madare, SouthernAudio New Testament1458,000
BokoAudio New Testament2150,000
BokobaruAudio New Testament145,000
BokyiAudio New Testament2256,000
BomuAudio New Testament2361,000
BoraAudio New Testament32,900
BribriAudio New Testament213,000
Bru, EasternAudio New Testament396,000
BuamuAudio New Testament1273,000
BuglereAudio New Testament118,000
BulgarianAudio New Testament476,800,000
BuliAudio New Testament1191,000
BuluAudio New Testament2982,000
BumAudio New Testament128,000
Bura-PabirAudio New Testament1475,000
BurmeseAudio New Testament2035,293,000
CabecarAudio New Testament111,000
CacuaAudio New Testament1400
CarapanaAudio New Testament2900
CaribAudio New Testament78,600
CebuanoAudio New Testament420,162,000
CermaAudio New Testament2118,000
Ch'orti'Audio New Testament142,000
ChachiAudio New Testament111,000
ChamacocoAudio New Testament22,000
ChambriAudio New Testament12,900
Chatino, NopalaAudio New Testament111,000
ChechenAudio New Testament181,401,000
ChhattisgarhiAudio New Testament1015,950,000
ChichewaAudio New Testament812,364,000
ChidigoAudio New Testament2546,000
ChidurumaAudio New Testament1444,000
Chin, BawmAudio New Testament217,000
Chin, FalamAudio New Testament7115,000
Chin, HakhaAudio New Testament3154,000
Chin, MatuAudio New Testament140,000
Chin, MunAudio New Testament115,000
Chin, TedimAudio New Testament2466,000
Chin, ZotungAudio New Testament151,000
Chinantec, ComaltepecAudio New Testament12,800
Chinantec, LalanaAudio New Testament113,000
Chinantec, LealaoAudio New Testament12,800
Chinantec, OzumacinAudio New Testament13,800
Chinantec, PalantlaAudio New Testament127,000
Chinantec, SochiapamAudio New Testament14,300
Chinantec, TepetotutlaAudio New Testament12,200
Chinantec, UsilaAudio New Testament18,800
Chinese, HakkaAudio New Testament2439,291,000
Chinese, MandarinAudio New Testament608922,052,000
Chinese, Min NanAudio New Testament2956,554,000
Chinese, YueAudio New Testament18580,432,000
ChipayaAudio New Testament11,700
ChiquitanoAudio New Testament26,800
CholAudio New Testament3173,000
Chontal, TabascoAudio New Testament144,000
ChopiAudio New Testament1897,000
ChujAudio New Testament1574,000
ChumburungAudio New Testament286,000
CofanAudio New Testament22,700
Colombian Sign LanguageAudio New Testament1Unknown
ColoradoAudio New Testament12,900
Cora, El NayarAudio New Testament211,000
Cora, Santa TeresaAudio New Testament14,600
Cree, PlainsAudio New Testament2300
Crimean TatarAudio New Testament9497,000
Crioulo, Upper GuineaAudio New Testament5567,000
CroatianAudio New Testament285,651,000
CzechAudio New Testament2810,184,000
DaasanachAudio New Testament369,000
Dagara, NorthernAudio New Testament1554,000
DagbaniAudio New Testament3995,000
DanAudio New Testament61,648,000
DangaleatAudio New Testament175,000
DangmeAudio New Testament1995,000
Dani, WesternAudio New Testament1232,000
DanishAudio New Testament205,975,000
DariAudio New Testament1910,104,000
DatoogaAudio New Testament2127,000
DawroAudio New Testament1620,000
DeduaAudio New Testament18,900
DegAudio New Testament236,000
DeloAudio New Testament222,000
DenyaAudio New Testament124,000
DesanoAudio New Testament24,200
DholuoAudio New Testament34,698,000
DiiAudio New Testament1102,000
Dinka, NortheasternAudio New Testament2320,000
Dinka, SouthwesternAudio New Testament1450,000
DitammariAudio New Testament2182,000
Dogon, Toro SoAudio New Testament179,000
DoyayoAudio New Testament136,000
DualaAudio New Testament1191,000
DuriAudio New Testament1148,000
DutchAudio New Testament3824,529,000
DzongkhaAudio New Testament4195,000
EbiraAudio New Testament11,804,000
EbrieAudio New Testament1137,000
EdoAudio New Testament11,421,000
EfikAudio New Testament3588,000
EggonAudio New Testament1246,000
EjaghamAudio New Testament2160,000
EkajukAudio New Testament165,000
EkegusiiAudio New Testament22,465,000
ElemeAudio New Testament1102,000
Embera, NorthernAudio New Testament283,000
EnglishAudio New Testament516361,102,000
EpenaAudio New Testament34,300
EseAudio New Testament114,000
Ese EjjaAudio New Testament21,000
Ethiopian Sign LanguageAudio New Testament11,195,000
EweAudio New Testament184,350,000
Fali, SouthAudio New Testament144,000
FangAudio New Testament51,393,000
FarefareAudio New Testament81,093,000
FijianAudio New Testament12382,000
FinnishAudio New Testament185,598,000
FrenchAudio New Testament29474,924,000
French Sign LanguageAudio New Testament2Unknown
Fulfulde, AdamawaAudio New Testament141,698,000
Fulfulde, MaasinaAudio New Testament41,216,000
Fulfulde, NigerianAudio New Testament515,955,000
GaAudio New Testament3746,000
GalelaAudio New Testament1107,000
GamoAudio New Testament11,267,000
GandaAudio New Testament55,906,000
GarifunaAudio New Testament6261,000
GaroAudio New Testament31,199,000
GbanAudio New Testament161,000
Gbaya, NorthwestAudio New Testament7429,000
Gbaya, SouthwestAudio New Testament1248,000
GenAudio New Testament2500,000
GeorgianAudio New Testament293,657,000
German, StandardAudio New Testament9290,745,000
Ghanaian Sign LanguageAudio New Testament1Unknown
GhomalaAudio New Testament2566,000
GidarAudio New Testament2139,000
GikuyuAudio New Testament57,403,000
GikyodeAudio New Testament113,000
Giziga, SouthAudio New Testament1101,000
GofaAudio New Testament1414,000
GogoAudio New Testament11,780,000
GokanaAudio New Testament1180,000
GorAudio New Testament1105,000
GorontaloAudio New Testament21,168,000
GourmanchemaAudio New Testament51,254,000
GreekAudio New Testament16814,271,000
GuahiboAudio New Testament342,000
GuajajaraAudio New Testament114,000
GuambianoAudio New Testament123,000
GuananoAudio New Testament2900
Guarani, Eastern BolivianAudio New Testament458,000
Guarani, ParaguayanAudio New Testament46,859,000
GuarayuAudio New Testament16,900
GuayaberoAudio New Testament11,100
GudeAudio New Testament2157,000
GujaratiAudio New Testament17156,029,000
GulayAudio New Testament1302,000
GumuzAudio New Testament2244,000
GunAudio New Testament5751,000
Gwich'inAudio New Testament2700
HadiyyaAudio New Testament11,427,000
Haitian CreoleAudio New Testament139,218,000
Hamer-BannaAudio New Testament185,000
HangaAudio New Testament18,700
HanunooAudio New Testament117,000
HausaAudio New Testament2640,145,000
HayaAudio New Testament21,607,000
HdiAudio New Testament238,000
HebrewAudio New Testament87,387,000
HeheAudio New Testament1995,000
HiligaynonAudio New Testament17,359,000
HindiAudio New Testament520311,990,000
Hindi, FijiAudio New Testament1459,000
Hindustani, SarnamiAudio New Testament4232,000
Hmong DawAudio New Testament201,852,000
Hmong NjuaAudio New Testament10364,000
HuambisaAudio New Testament111,000
HuastecAudio New Testament3156,000
Huave, San Mateo del MarAudio New Testament112,000
Huitoto, MinicaAudio New Testament18,100
Huitoto, MuruiAudio New Testament29,400
HuliAudio New Testament1157,000
HungarianAudio New Testament3312,524,000
IbanAudio New Testament3809,000
IdomaAudio New Testament31,030,000
IfeAudio New Testament3292,000
Ifugao, BatadAudio New Testament174,000
Ifugao, MayoyaoAudio New Testament133,000
Ifugao, TuwaliAudio New Testament138,000
IgalaAudio New Testament11,443,000
IgboAudio New Testament725,574,000
IgedeAudio New Testament1429,000
IgnacianoAudio New Testament15,300
IlocanoAudio New Testament38,908,000
IndonesianAudio New Testament3827,041,000
IngaAudio New Testament225,000
Inupiatun, Northwest AlaskaAudio New Testament16,000
IpiliAudio New Testament134,000
IraqwAudio New Testament1653,000
IrigweAudio New Testament180,000
IsekiriAudio New Testament1875,000
Islander Creole EnglishAudio New Testament221,000
IsokoAudio New Testament1573,000
ItalianAudio New Testament6461,557,000
ItawitAudio New Testament2214,000
Iu MienAudio New Testament12948,000
Ivbie North-Okpela-ArheAudio New Testament156,000
IxilAudio New Testament6101,000
IzereAudio New Testament182,000
IzonAudio New Testament11,804,000
JakaltekoAudio New Testament616,000
Jamaican Creole EnglishAudio New Testament113,567,000
JapaneseAudio New Testament48137,781,000
JavaneseAudio New Testament1698,491,000
Javanese, SurinameAudio New Testament386,000
JingphoAudio New Testament41,027,000
JjuAudio New Testament1555,000
Jola-FonyiAudio New Testament4422,000
Jola-KasaAudio New Testament153,000
Jukun TakumAudio New Testament23,300
JulaAudio New Testament63,838,000
Jur ModoAudio New Testament2100,000
K'iche'Audio New Testament282,330,000
KaansaAudio New Testament112,000
KabiyeAudio New Testament31,061,000
KafaAudio New Testament1952,000
KagayanenAudio New Testament133,000
KaguluAudio New Testament1298,000
Kaili, Da'aAudio New Testament159,000
Kaili, LedoAudio New Testament1409,000
KakoAudio New Testament3151,000
KakwaAudio New Testament3246,000
KalabariAudio New Testament2465,000
KalaganAudio New Testament186,000
KalangaAudio New Testament3920,000
Kallahan, Keley-IAudio New Testament110,000
Kalmyk-OiratAudio New Testament11385,000
KambaAudio New Testament34,351,000
KambaataAudio New Testament3702,000
KamweAudio New Testament2503,000
Kandozi-ChapraAudio New Testament11,300
KankanaeyAudio New Testament1234,000
KannadaAudio New Testament8545,252,000
Kanuri, CentralAudio New Testament56,382,000
KaondeAudio New Testament2312,000
KaqchikelAudio New Testament33722,000
Karaboro, EasternAudio New Testament266,000
KarakalpakAudio New Testament8534,000
KarelianAudio New Testament538,000
Karen, Pwo NorthernAudio New Testament185,000
Karen, S'gawAudio New Testament52,033,000
KasemAudio New Testament2348,000
KashinawaAudio New Testament21,300
KayabiAudio New Testament11,100
Kayah, WesternAudio New Testament2158,000
KayapoAudio New Testament37,700
KazakhAudio New Testament268,942,000
KengaAudio New Testament165,000
Kenyan Sign LanguageAudio New Testament1400,000
KenyangAudio New Testament1106,000
KeraAudio New Testament288,000
KhanaAudio New Testament1361,000
Khmer, CentralAudio New Testament1715,281,000
Khmer, NorthernAudio New Testament11,489,000
KiembuAudio New Testament2710,000
KigiryamaAudio New Testament61,055,000
KilivilaAudio New Testament127,000
KimbunduAudio New Testament14,110,000
KimreAudio New Testament124,000
Kinaray-AAudio New Testament1551,000
KipfokomoAudio New Testament1106,000
KirikeAudio New Testament1387,000
Kisi, SouthernAudio New Testament2376,000
KitharakaAudio New Testament1197,000
KitubaAudio New Testament28,264,000
KitubaAudio New Testament12,291,000
KlaoAudio New Testament4292,000
KogiAudio New Testament111,000
KohoAudio New Testament1176,000
Kolami, NorthwesternAudio New Testament1146,000
KomAudio New Testament1279,000
Komi-ZyrianAudio New Testament6160,000
KonabereAudio New Testament289,000
KonkombaAudio New Testament4724,000
KonniAudio New Testament14,800
KonoAudio New Testament1241,000
KonsoAudio New Testament2276,000
KoongoAudio New Testament59,601,000
KoonzimeAudio New Testament342,000
KooreteAudio New Testament1179,000
KoreanAudio New Testament9482,183,000
KoreguajeAudio New Testament12,300
KouyaAudio New Testament116,000
KoyaAudio New Testament1434,000
Kpelle, GuineaAudio New Testament1472,000
Kpelle, LiberiaAudio New Testament1779,000
Krahn, WesternAudio New Testament289,000
KrioAudio New Testament7777,000
Krumen, PlapoAudio New Testament1100
KukeleAudio New Testament1189,000
KulinaAudio New Testament24,200
KumamAudio New Testament1249,000
KumanAudio New Testament2157,000
KumykAudio New Testament5438,000
Kuna, BorderAudio New Testament23,600
Kuna, San BlasAudio New Testament172,000
KundaAudio New Testament3224,000
KuoAudio New Testament221,000
KupsapiinyAudio New Testament1259,000
KurankoAudio New Testament2413,000
Kurdish, NorthernAudio New Testament4222,823,000
KusaalAudio New Testament3549,000
KutepAudio New Testament265,000
KuwaataayAudio New Testament17,500
KwameraAudio New Testament14,800
KwanjaAudio New Testament234,000
KyakaAudio New Testament134,000
KyrgyzAudio New Testament133,528,000
LaariAudio New Testament2126,000
LacandonAudio New Testament1700
LahuAudio New Testament8552,000
LamaAudio New Testament3275,000
LambaAudio New Testament3268,000
LamkangAudio New Testament112,000
Lampung ApiAudio New Testament6966,000
LangoAudio New Testament12,131,000
LaoAudio New Testament123,682,000
Latvian, StandardAudio New Testament221,275,000
LeleAudio New Testament151,000
LelemiAudio New Testament262,000
LenguaAudio New Testament217,000
Lhao VoAudio New Testament2118,000
Limba, West-CentralAudio New Testament2533,000
LimbuAudio New Testament1469,000
LimbumAudio New Testament2159,000
LingalaAudio New Testament103,084,000
LisuAudio New Testament61,015,000
LithuanianAudio New Testament243,020,000
LobiAudio New Testament3778,000
LokaaAudio New Testament1216,000
LokoAudio New Testament1162,000
LomaAudio New Testament1200,000
LomweAudio New Testament11,771,000
LoziAudio New Testament5913,000
LuangAudio New Testament123,000
Luba-KasaiAudio New Testament211,921,000
Luba-KatangaAudio New Testament12,857,000
LugbaraAudio New Testament22,248,000
LuguruAudio New Testament1978,000
Luidakho-Luisukha-LutirichiAudio New Testament3668,000
LukpaAudio New Testament290,000
LundaAudio New Testament4807,000
LuwoAudio New Testament180,000
LyeleAudio New Testament1185,000
Ma'diAudio New Testament3441,000
MaasaiAudio New Testament41,504,000
MabaanAudio New Testament150,000
MachameAudio New Testament1544,000
MacunaAudio New Testament51,300
MadaAudio New Testament1164,000
MaduraAudio New Testament47,911,000
MafaAudio New Testament2303,000
MaithiliAudio New Testament7140,127,000
MakaAudio New Testament11,900
MakaaAudio New Testament1151,000
MakasarAudio New Testament12,488,000
MakhuwaAudio New Testament33,648,000
Makhuwa-MeettoAudio New Testament41,613,000
Malagasy, PlateauAudio New Testament549,260,000
MalayAudio New Testament3618,500,000
MalayalamAudio New Testament10341,595,000
MaleAudio New Testament1108,000
MalviAudio New Testament16,668,000
MamAudio New Testament40838,000
Mambila, CameroonAudio New Testament148,000
Mambila, NigeriaAudio New Testament1162,000
Mambwe-LunguAudio New Testament2870,000
MampruliAudio New Testament2274,000
MandinkaAudio New Testament61,620,000
MankanyaAudio New Testament390,000
ManoAudio New Testament2400,000
Manobo, MatigsalugAudio New Testament253,000
Manobo, OboAudio New Testament167,000
Manobo, Western BukidnonAudio New Testament316,000
MaoriAudio New Testament262,000
MapudungunAudio New Testament3298,000
MaranaoAudio New Testament11,242,000
MarathiAudio New Testament17286,073,000
MarbaAudio New Testament1179,000
Marghi CentralAudio New Testament1189,000
MarkweetaAudio New Testament1201,000
MarshalleseAudio New Testament455,000
MasaabaAudio New Testament21,602,000
MasanaAudio New Testament2381,000
MaskelynesAudio New Testament11,500
MatalAudio New Testament139,000
MatsigenkaAudio New Testament17,100
Maya, MopanAudio New Testament217,000
Maya, YucatecAudio New Testament5884,000
MayoAudio New Testament139,000
MayogoAudio New Testament1189,000
Mazahua, CentralAudio New Testament188,000
Mazatec, AyautlaAudio New Testament14,100
Mazatec, ChiquihuitlanAudio New Testament11,800
Mazatec, San Jeronimo TecoatlAudio New Testament223,000
MbayAudio New Testament4174,000
MbukoAudio New Testament117,000
MedumbaAudio New Testament1352,000
MelpaAudio New Testament1224,000
MendeAudio New Testament41,780,000
MentawaiAudio New Testament168,000
MereyAudio New Testament122,000
MinangkabauAudio New Testament55,930,000
Misima-PanaeatiAudio New Testament123,000
MiskitoAudio New Testament2257,000
Mixe, CoatlanAudio New Testament16,700
Mixe, IsthmusAudio New Testament128,000
Mixe, JuquilaAudio New Testament19,300
Mixe, MazatlanAudio New Testament123,000
Mixe, North CentralAudio New Testament115,000
Mixtec, AlcozaucaAudio New Testament113,000
Mixtec, AmoltepecAudio New Testament16,700
Mixtec, AyutlaAudio New Testament114,000
Mixtec, CoatzospanAudio New Testament12,500
Mixtec, Diuxi-TilantongoAudio New Testament14,100
Mixtec, JamiltepecAudio New Testament112,000
Mixtec, Magdalena PenascoAudio New Testament18,200
Mixtec, OcotepecAudio New Testament17,400
Mixtec, PenolesAudio New Testament16,600
Mixtec, Pinotepa NacionalAudio New Testament128,000
Mixtec, Santa Maria ZacatepecAudio New Testament12,900
Mixtec, SilacayoapanAudio New Testament222,000
Mixtec, Southern PueblaAudio New Testament13,300
Mixtec, Southwestern TlaxiacoAudio New Testament18,800
Mixtec, TezoatlanAudio New Testament15,700
Mixtec, YosonduaAudio New Testament22,100
MizoAudio New Testament11828,000
MobaAudio New Testament4328,000
MochiAudio New Testament2866,000
Mofu-GudurAudio New Testament184,000
MolimaAudio New Testament25,500
Mongo-NkunduAudio New Testament2650,000
MongondowAudio New Testament1269,000
MooreAudio New Testament125,104,000
MorisyenAudio New Testament8863,000
MoroAudio New Testament166,000
MoruAudio New Testament470,000
MumuyeAudio New Testament2654,000
MunaAudio New Testament1322,000
MundangAudio New Testament2328,000
MundaniAudio New Testament164,000
MunduAudio New Testament226,000
MurleAudio New Testament260,000
MusguAudio New Testament2179,000
MuyangAudio New Testament134,000
MwaghavulAudio New Testament1482,000
MwanAudio New Testament121,000
MwaniAudio New Testament2118,000
NaasioiAudio New Testament123,000
NafaanraAudio New Testament278,000
Nahuatl, Central HuastecaAudio New Testament1239,000
Nahuatl, Eastern HuastecaAudio New Testament2569,000
Nahuatl, GuerreroAudio New Testament2184,000
Nahuatl, Highland PueblaAudio New Testament1204,000
Nahuatl, Isthmus-MecayapanAudio New Testament226,000
Nahuatl, MichoacanAudio New Testament14,200
Nahuatl, Northern OaxacaAudio New Testament113,000
Nahuatl, Northern PueblaAudio New Testament185,000
Nahuatl, Sierra NegraAudio New Testament128,000
Nahuatl, Southeastern PueblaAudio New Testament2128,000
Nahuatl, Western HuastecaAudio New Testament1555,000
Nahuatl, Zacatlan-Ahuacatlan-TepAudio New Testament319,000
NancereAudio New Testament195,000
NandeAudio New Testament21,709,000
NapuAudio New Testament17,100
NaskapiAudio New Testament1600
NavajoAudio New Testament1182,000
NdambaAudio New Testament1117,000
NdauAudio New Testament32,724,000
NdebeleAudio New Testament31,680,000
NdoAudio New Testament2148,000
NdogoAudio New Testament220,000
NepaliAudio New Testament8417,744,000
NewarAudio New Testament11,062,000
Ng'akarimojongAudio New Testament1372,000
NgabereAudio New Testament2220,000
NgajuAudio New Testament11,000,000
NgambayAudio New Testament31,082,000
NgangamAudio New Testament287,000
Ngbandi, NorthernAudio New Testament1361,000
NgiemboonAudio New Testament1335,000
NgindoAudio New Testament1468,000
NguluAudio New Testament1281,000
NiasAudio New Testament2900,000
Nigerian Sign LanguageAudio New Testament1Unknown
NilambaAudio New Testament1563,000
NinzoAudio New Testament197,000
NivacleAudio New Testament216,000
NjebiAudio New Testament3156,000
NogaiAudio New Testament290,000
NomaandeAudio New Testament113,000
NoonAudio New Testament139,000
NooneAudio New Testament133,000
NorwegianAudio New Testament124,690,000
NtchamAudio New Testament3236,000
NuerAudio New Testament3912,000
Nuni, SouthernAudio New Testament1247,000
Nupe-Nupe-TakoAudio New Testament11,407,000
NyabwaAudio New Testament165,000
Nyakyusa-NgondeAudio New Testament21,503,000
NyankoreAudio New Testament63,332,000
NyaturuAudio New Testament1736,000
NyoroAudio New Testament1954,000
NzemaAudio New Testament2428,000
OboloAudio New Testament1256,000
Ojibwa, SevernAudio New Testament112,000
OriyaAudio New Testament38438,539,000
Oromo, Borana-Arsi-GujiAudio New Testament243,997,000
Oromo, EasternAudio New Testament17,271,000
Oromo, West CentralAudio New Testament714,321,000
OsseticAudio New Testament13584,000
Otomi, MezquitalAudio New Testament1141,000
Otomi, QueretaroAudio New Testament147,000
OwaAudio New Testament112,000
PaasaalAudio New Testament146,000
PaezAudio New Testament150,000
Paiute, NorthernAudio New Testament1800
PalauanAudio New Testament419,000
Palaung, RuchingAudio New Testament3300,000
Palawano, Brooke's PointAudio New Testament118,000
PamonaAudio New Testament1160,000
PampanganAudio New Testament23,046,000
PangasinanAudio New Testament21,858,000
ParananAudio New Testament116,000
ParecisAudio New Testament12,100
ParkwaAudio New Testament148,000
PatamonaAudio New Testament35,000
PaumariAudio New Testament1300
Persian, IranianAudio New Testament4249,021,000
PeveAudio New Testament254,000
Pidgin, CameroonAudio New Testament3Unknown
Pidgin, NigerianAudio New Testament2Unknown
PijinAudio New Testament236,000
PiratapuyoAudio New Testament22,000
PlautdietschAudio New Testament10437,000
PogoloAudio New Testament1393,000
PokootAudio New Testament2808,000
PolishAudio New Testament9841,402,000
Popoloca, San Juan AtzingoAudio New Testament16,900
Popoloca, San Luis TemalacayucaAudio New Testament16,200
Popoloca, San Marcos TlalcoyalcoAudio New Testament110,000
Popoluca, HighlandAudio New Testament241,000
Poqomchi'Audio New Testament4132,000
PortugueseAudio New Testament680240,274,000
PsikyeAudio New Testament2108,000
PuinaveAudio New Testament33,300
PulaarAudio New Testament134,541,000
PularAudio New Testament95,083,000
Punjabi, WesternAudio New Testament16779,512,000
PurepechaAudio New Testament262,000
Q'anjob'alAudio New Testament2113,000
Q'eqchi'Audio New Testament3918,000
Quechua, AyacuchoAudio New Testament21,060,000
Quechua, CajamarcaAudio New Testament135,000
Quechua, CuscoAudio New Testament12,150,000
Quechua, Eastern ApurimacAudio New Testament1229,000
Quechua, Huallaga HuanucoAudio New Testament153,000
Quechua, Huamalies-Dos de Mayo HAudio New Testament185,000
Quechua, Huaylas AncashAudio New Testament1396,000
Quechua, Huaylla WancaAudio New Testament1286,000
Quechua, LambayequeAudio New Testament124,000
Quechua, Margos-Yarowilca-LauricAudio New Testament1111,000
Quechua, North BolivianAudio New Testament1238,000
Quechua, North JuninAudio New Testament173,000
Quechua, Northern Conchucos AncaAudio New Testament1286,000
Quechua, PanaoAudio New Testament157,000
Quechua, San MartinAudio New Testament118,000
Quechua, South BolivianAudio New Testament44,690,000
Quechua, Southern Conchucos AncaAudio New Testament1325,000
Quechua, Southern PastazaAudio New Testament11,800
Quichua, Chimborazo HighlandAudio New Testament2845,000
Quichua, NapoAudio New Testament326,000
Quichua, Northern PastazaAudio New Testament211,000
Quichua, Tena LowlandAudio New Testament125,000
Romani, BalticAudio New Testament438,000
Romani, CarpathianAudio New Testament7523,000
Romani, SinteAudio New Testament15334,000
Romani, VlaxAudio New Testament32549,000
RomanianAudio New Testament6523,562,000
RongaAudio New Testament2852,000
RundiAudio New Testament912,231,000
RussianAudio New Testament160164,979,000
RwandaAudio New Testament1811,784,000
SaamiaAudio New Testament2619,000
SabaotAudio New Testament1269,000
Saint Lucian Creole FrenchAudio New Testament9425,000
Sama, CentralAudio New Testament2115,000
Samba LekoAudio New Testament286,000
Sambal, BotolanAudio New Testament142,000
Samo, SouthernAudio New Testament1132,000
SamoanAudio New Testament6402,000
SampangAudio New Testament18,000
SangirAudio New Testament4370,000
SangoAudio New Testament5639,000
SanumaAudio New Testament36,300
SarAudio New Testament1339,000
SaramaccanAudio New Testament334,000
SasakAudio New Testament12,889,000
Sebat Bet GurageAudio New Testament1440,000
SehwiAudio New Testament2319,000
SekpeleAudio New Testament130,000
SeleeAudio New Testament114,000
SenaAudio New Testament21,582,000
Sena, MalawiAudio New Testament1386,000
Senoufo, CebaaraAudio New Testament31,320,000
Senoufo, DjiminiAudio New Testament1146,000
Senoufo, MamaraAudio New Testament11,100,000
Senoufo, SupyireAudio New Testament2420,000
Senoufo, TagwanaAudio New Testament1211,000
SerbianAudio New Testament589,470,000
Serer-SineAudio New Testament31,402,000
SeriAudio New Testament11,000
ShanAudio New Testament53,598,000
ShawiAudio New Testament19,400
ShillukAudio New Testament2175,000
Shipibo-ConiboAudio New Testament129,000
ShonaAudio New Testament3010,774,000
ShuarAudio New Testament139,000
SimteAudio New Testament112,000
SindhiAudio New Testament8525,238,000
SinhalaAudio New Testament2316,825,000
SirianoAudio New Testament1200
Sisaala, TumulungAudio New Testament1134,000
SissalaAudio New Testament125,000
SiwuAudio New Testament134,000
SlovakAudio New Testament275,231,000
SogaAudio New Testament22,946,000
SomaliAudio New Testament5219,480,000
SpanishAudio New Testament993421,980,000
SrananAudio New Testament6162,000
SukumaAudio New Testament16,713,000
SundaAudio New Testament139,720,000
SunwarAudio New Testament134,000
SusuAudio New Testament61,337,000
SwahiliAudio New Testament7015,990,000
Swahili, CongoAudio New Testament11,000
SwedishAudio New Testament249,051,000
TabaruAudio New Testament120,000
TacanaAudio New Testament12,100
TachelhitAudio New Testament74,295,000
TagalogAudio New Testament5730,643,000
TajikiAudio New Testament125,602,000
TakiaAudio New Testament240,000
Tamang, EasternAudio New Testament31,519,000
TamasheqAudio New Testament3521,000
TamilAudio New Testament11382,234,000
TampulmaAudio New Testament120,000
TangoaAudio New Testament21,100
Tanna, NorthAudio New Testament16,800
Tanzanian Sign LanguageAudio New Testament1Unknown
Tarahumara, WesternAudio New Testament112,000
TatarAudio New Testament245,519,000
Tawbuid, WesternAudio New Testament18,700
TektitekoAudio New Testament26,600
TeluguAudio New Testament27888,787,000
Tepehua, HuehuetlaAudio New Testament15,000
Tepehua, PisafloresAudio New Testament15,700
Tepehua, TlachichilcoAudio New Testament14,200
Tepehuan, SoutheasternAudio New Testament112,000
TerenaAudio New Testament117,000
TeribeAudio New Testament23,700
TermanuAudio New Testament134,000
TesoAudio New Testament42,624,000
TetelaAudio New Testament11,419,000
ThaiAudio New Testament3023,128,000
ThemneAudio New Testament31,445,000
TicunaAudio New Testament356,000
TigrignaAudio New Testament118,111,000
TikarAudio New Testament144,000
TivAudio New Testament23,793,000
TobeloAudio New Testament132,000
Tohono O'odhamAudio New Testament217,000
Tok PisinAudio New Testament7151,000
TolAudio New Testament1500
TongaAudio New Testament1443,000
TongaAudio New Testament51,357,000
Totonac, CoyutlaAudio New Testament157,000
Totonac, HighlandAudio New Testament1199,000
TouraAudio New Testament159,000
TrinitarioAudio New Testament16,900
TrioAudio New Testament22,400
Triqui, ChicahuaxtlaAudio New Testament15,600
TsimaneAudio New Testament16,200
TsongaAudio New Testament44,104,000
TswaAudio New Testament31,391,000
TucanoAudio New Testament107,000
TumakAudio New Testament147,000
TumbukaAudio New Testament63,018,000
TupuriAudio New Testament2251,000
TurkanaAudio New Testament21,105,000
TurkishAudio New Testament8073,466,000
TuvaAudio New Testament6298,000
TuwuliAudio New Testament115,000
TuyucaAudio New Testament21,100
TyapAudio New Testament1213,000
Tz'utujilAudio New Testament4134,000
TzeltalAudio New Testament6444,000
TzotzilAudio New Testament14280,000
UdukAudio New Testament3Unknown
Ugandan Sign LanguageAudio New Testament1Unknown
UkrainianAudio New Testament5234,562,000
UmaAudio New Testament127,000
UmbunduAudio New Testament26,171,000
Urak Lawoi'Audio New Testament12,400
UrarinaAudio New Testament13,400
UrduAudio New Testament57277,268,000
UrhoboAudio New Testament1893,000
UspantekoAudio New Testament14,400
UyghurAudio New Testament189,550,000
Uzbek, NorthernAudio New Testament1823,239,000
VaglaAudio New Testament217,000
VaiAudio New Testament2161,000
VengoAudio New Testament130,000
VidundaAudio New Testament168,000
VietnameseAudio New Testament7079,788,000
VunjoAudio New Testament1544,000
VuteAudio New Testament232,000
WaamaAudio New Testament274,000
WaimahaAudio New Testament2600
WaiwaiAudio New Testament82,400
WandalaAudio New Testament284,000
WapishanaAudio New Testament214,000
WaraoAudio New Testament231,000
Waray-WarayAudio New Testament13,265,000
WaskiaAudio New Testament123,000
WayanaAudio New Testament3900
WayuuAudio New Testament2378,000
We NorthernAudio New Testament1239,000
WelshAudio New Testament8620,000
Wichi Lhamtes NoctenAudio New Testament22,700
WolayttaAudio New Testament11,952,000
Woun MeuAudio New Testament212,000
XaasongaxangoAudio New Testament3734,000
YaguaAudio New Testament26,700
YakutAudio New Testament2462,000
Yali, AnggurukAudio New Testament120,000
YalunkaAudio New Testament4136,000
YambaAudio New Testament2107,000
YaminahuaAudio New Testament51,700
YaneshaAudio New Testament112,000
YanomamiAudio New Testament26,500
YanomamoAudio New Testament224,000
YaoAudio New Testament73,305,000
YaquiAudio New Testament215,000
YawaAudio New Testament110,000
YorubaAudio New Testament2031,775,000
YucunaAudio New Testament22,200
YuracareAudio New Testament13,100
ZandeAudio New Testament41,165,000
Zapotec, AloapamAudio New Testament14,100
Zapotec, AmatlanAudio New Testament112,000
Zapotec, CajonosAudio New Testament16,700
Zapotec, ChichicapanAudio New Testament13,100
Zapotec, Coatecas AltasAudio New Testament15,500
Zapotec, IsthmusAudio New Testament1120,000
Zapotec, LachixioAudio New Testament19,200
Zapotec, MiahuatlanAudio New Testament11,100
Zapotec, MitlaAudio New Testament132,000
Zapotec, MixtepecAudio New Testament19,700
Zapotec, OcotlanAudio New Testament120,000
Zapotec, OzolotepecAudio New Testament19,200
Zapotec, Quioquitani-QuieriAudio New Testament15,600
Zapotec, RinconAudio New Testament235,000
Zapotec, San Vicente CoatlanAudio New Testament13,800
Zapotec, Santa Maria QuiegolaniAudio New Testament12,400
Zapotec, Santo Domingo AlbarradaAudio New Testament19,500
Zapotec, Sierra de JuarezAudio New Testament15,700
Zapotec, TexmelucanAudio New Testament15,600
Zapotec, Western Tlacolula ValleAudio New Testament340,000
Zapotec, YalalagAudio New Testament13,900
Zapotec, YareniAudio New Testament13,500
Zapotec, YateeAudio New Testament25,700
Zapotec, YatzachiAudio New Testament13,500
Zapotec, ZoogochoAudio New Testament41,900
ZarmaAudio New Testament63,138,000
ZigulaAudio New Testament2622,000
Zoque, Francisco LeonAudio New Testament128,000
Zulgo-GemzekAudio New Testament133,000
Totals: 870 Languages 11,694 5,698,107,000
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Testament recordings that may be available.
Khampti, Khamti Shan of Myanmar (Burma)
Population:  9,000
Status: Unreached
Nara, Nialetic of Eritrea
Population:  118,000
Status: Unreached
Nepali, general of Myanmar (Burma)
Population:  297,000
Status: Unreached
Dolpa of Nepal
Population:  4,100
Status: Unreached
Rabari (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  1,053,000
Status: Unreached
Khoja of Pakistan
Population:  841,000
Status: Unreached
Megh (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  2,969,000
Status: Unreached
Giay, Nhang of China
Population:  341,000
Status: Unreached
Berber, Tekna of Morocco
Population:  577,000
Status: Unreached
Kababish of Sudan
Population:  409,000
Status: Unreached

Mission Question
How many Muslim people groups in Indonesia do not have Scripture portions or the Jesus Film and are unreached?  Answer ...

Missions Scripture
"All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats."  Matthew 25:32

Unreached Peoples Fact
Hindi is spoken as the primary language by 530 people groups, with English spoken by 500 and Bengali spoken by 375 .  More Mission Facts ...

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