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Country Population Indig % Evangl % Chr Adherent Least Reached Progress Level 10/40 Win Primary Religion Bible Status Jesus Film Audio
Fulani, BagirmiCentral African Republic220,0000.03%0.10%Y1 IslamNone
Barma, BagirmiChad123,000Y0.01%0.01%Y1 YIslamNoneY
BilalaChad218,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
Daju, BokorugeChad134,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
KukaChad122,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
Maba, MabangiChad471,000Y0.01%0.04%Y1 YIslamNoneY
MasalitChad321,000Y0.01%0.01%Y1 YIslamNoneY
TamaChad172,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
ZaghawaChad142,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
Jula, OdienneCôte d'Ivoire144,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 IslamNone
Malinke, MauCôte d'Ivoire340,000Y0.03%0.50%Y1 IslamNoneY
WorodougouCôte d'Ivoire113,000Y0.20%0.80%Y1 IslamNone
Maninka, KonyankaGuinea262,000Y0.01%0.30%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
Maninka, SankaranGuinea110,000Y0.01%0.01%Y1 YIslamNoneY
GolaLiberia161,000Y0.82%2.00%Y1 IslamNoneYY
Arab, SaharanMali245,0000.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
Bedouin, BerabishMali175,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
Dogon, TomboMali101,000Y1.00%4.00%Y1 YIslamNone
IdaksahakMali130,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
Maninka, KitaMali473,000Y0.20%3.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
MoorMali289,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
MoorMauritania3,425,000Y0.07%0.07%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
BolewaNigeria206,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneY
Gera, GerawaNigeria379,000Y1.40%1.60%Y1 YIslamNoneY
Karekare, JalalumNigeria349,000Y1.70%2.00%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
MoorSenegal159,000Y0.00%0.00%Y1 YIslamNoneYY
Totals:  26 Peoples 8,984,000 24     26   21     8 22
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