Uzbekistan – Other / Very Small Groups

Groups reported, but outside the Small People Group Policy conditions. Some may not be viable.

The groups listed below are not included in overall Joshua Project people group counts.

For possible further information about these groups, please contact us.

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Progress Scale:  
People Selector:
People Groups Population Least Reached Progress Scale Primary Religion Primary Language
Adyghe300Y1.0 IslamAdyghe
British100N4.0 ChristianityEnglish
Hungarian300N2.0 ChristianityHungarian
Karachai500Y1.0 IslamKarachay-Balkar
Nogai, Nogay200Y1.0 IslamNogai
Vietnamese400N3.0 BuddhismVietnamese
Total Groups:   6  

For more information see the Joshua Project Small People Group Policy.