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Please pray for the ...
Population: 2,700
Language: Dahalo
Religion: Ethnic Religions
Evangelical: 0.00%
Status: Unreached (1.1 Progress Scale)

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Put a free, daily rotating unreached people photo and statistics on your website or blog. The version for today is shown on the left in the dotted box.

Select one of the methods and sizes below and copy the code and paste it into any spot where you wish to display the Unreached People of the Day on your web page. Be sure to paste this as code and not text display. Contact us if you need any help.

Javascript Method
Normal version: 215px wide - Click for sample.

Narrow version: 190px wide - Click for sample.

HTML / iframes Method
Normal version: 215px wide - Click for sample.

Narrow version: 190px wide - Click for sample.

Custom CSS Method
Using a custom CSS file on your site, the Unreached People of the Day feed can match your website colors, fonts, layout etc. Contact us for more details.

WordPress Method

  • When hosting on your own domain:
    1. use either the Javascript or HTML / iframes method above.

  • When hosted on WordPress.com:
    1. Log into WordPress.com, and visit your blog's dashboard.
    2. Hover over "Appearance", and click the "Widgets" link.
    3. Find the "Image" widget, and drag it into the area you want to put the widget in.
    4. Set the following fields:
      Image URL: http://widget.missionaldigerati.org/widget.png
      Link URL: http://www.joshuaproject.net/
    5. Set the width of the image widget to whatever you desire and make sure to leave height empty. (no 0 in it, just empty) WordPress will then determine the correct height when you click the save button.
    6. Click the "Save" button.

Joomla Users
The HTML editor in the Joomla adminstrative backend does not recognize the Unreached People of the Day script. Try turning off the TinyMce editor and used a raw editor, it should then allow the script and display properly.


Terms of Use

The Unreached People of the Day feed is free for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for non-commercial uses. Joshua Project reserves the right to discontinue or modify this feed, or to ask users to discontinue displaying this feed at any time for any reason.
Direct link:  http://legacy.joshuaproject.net/upgotdfeed.php