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Saint Helena
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Saint Helena – People Groups
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People Groups
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Population Indig % Evangel % Adherent Progress Scale Primary Religion Primary Language Pho Map Txt
Saint Helena5,900Y8.80 %95.00 %4 ChristianityEnglish   
Total People Groups:   1 5,900 1         0 0 0
Unclassified / Other Individuals 200  
UN Country Population (2021) 6,100  
Other reported groups:  1  
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Saint Helena – People Progress

% of People Groups [1]
% of Population in People Group [1] [2]
Progress Level Peoples % of Peoples Population % of Population [2]
  1 - Unreached 0 0.0 % 0 0.0 %
  2 - Minimally reached 0 0.0 % 0 0.0 %
  3 - Superficially reached 0 0.0 % 0 0.0 %
  4 - Partially reached 1 100.0 % 5,900 100.0 %
  5 - Significantly reached 0 0.0 % 0 0.0 %
Totals 1   5,900  

  1. Small Values: Values less than .3% are not shown on pie charts for labeling clarity.
  2. % of Population in People Group:  The percentage of the population that lives in a people group at each progress level. Not every person living in an unreached people group is necessarily unreached.
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Saint Helena – Languages
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# Peoples
# Unreached
Audio NT
Totals: 1 1 0   1 1 1 1 1
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Saint Helena – Religions
Major Religions [1] [3]
Evangelicals: 8.8 %
(subset of Christianity)
Christianity Segments [2] [3]
(Evangelicals distributed across
Christianity Segments)
% Evangelical and % Professing Christian Trends [4]

  1. Major Religions: Each People Group's population is multiplied by the Major Religion percentages for that people group. Results are summed for each Religion for all Peoples within the country.
  2. Christianity Segments: Each People Group's population is multiplied by the Christianity Segments percentages for that people group. Results are summed for each Christianity Segment for all peoples within the country.
  3. Small Values: Values less than .3% are not shown on pie charts for labeling clarity.
  4. % Evangelical and % Professing Christian Trends:  Source Operation World Editions 1986, 1993, 2001, 2010.
    Zero percent data values may mean unknown or unavailable.
Saint Helena – Possible Ministry Involvement
  • Below are lists of ministries that may work in Saint Helena. Ministries in the Saint Helena section probably minister in this country. Ministries in the Africa, East and Southern section only possibly minister in this country. The purpose of this information is to assist potential new missionaries connect with sending agencies and for general ministry networking. Click on the links below to visit ministry websites for further information. Visit the Power-Of-Connecting "Find a Network Tool" to find further networking information.
  • The lists below do not include all ministries at work in this country or region. There are likely many excellent ministries not listed here. Omissions are not intentional, but occur simply from lack of data. Please contact us to suggest other ministries to include here. Inclusion here is not an endorsement by Joshua Project.
Ministries in Saint Helena   Ministries in Africa, East and Southern
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Country Level Ministries Size
Not Displayed. Contact Joshua ProjectN/A
Regional Level Ministries Size
ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism)Large
Action International MinistriesMedium
Advancing Renewal Ministries, Inc.Medium
Anglican Frontier MissionsSmall
Assemblies of God World MissionsLarge
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, World MissionsMedium
Awana Clubs, InternationalMedium
Baptist Bible Fellowship, InternationalMedium
Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI)Medium
Baptist Mid-MissionsMedium
BCM InternationalMedium
Bible LeagueMedium
Campus Crusade for Christ, InternationalLarge
Child Evangelism FellowshipMedium
Church of God of ProphecyMedium
Church of the Nazarene World Mission DepartmentMedium
Church World ServiceMedium
Cooperative Baptist FellowshipMedium
EFCA International MissionMedium
EQUIP FoundationSmall
Evangelical Covenant ChurchMedium
Every Home for ChristMedium
Final Frontiers FoundationLarge
Free Methodist World MissionsMedium
Friends in Action, InternationalSmall
Galcom InternationalSmall
Global Partners / Wesleyan World MissionsMedium
Globe InternationalMedium
GO InternationalSmall
Go Ye FellowshipMedium
Good News ProductionsMedium
Heart of God MinistriesMedium
Hope for the HungryMedium
Iris Ministries, Inc.Medium
Josue Yrion World Evangelism and MissionsSmall
Mailbox Club InternationalSmall
Middle East MediaMedium
Open Bible ChurchesSmall
Overland MissionsSmall
Pentecostal Church of God World MissionsSmall
Scripture UnionMedium
Seventh-day Adventists General ConferenceMedium
Silent Word MinistriesSmall
Southern Baptist Convention - International Mission BoardLarge
Talking Bibles InternationalSmall
Team ExpansionMedium
Tentmakers InternationalSmall
United Methodist ChurchMedium
United Pentecostal Church Foreign MissionsMedium
United World MissionMedium
Worldwide Tentmakers, IncorporatedSmall
Young LifeMedium
Youth with a MissionLarge
Ministries Listed:  54
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Saint Helena – Statistics, Prayer Cards, Maps and Links
Population 5,900
Percent Urbanization 40 %
Total People Groups 1
Unreached People Groups 0
Region Africa, East and Southern
10/40 Window No
Official National Language English
Primary Religion Christianity
Percent Professing Christian 95.0%  [1]
Percent Evangelical 8.8%  [2]
Country Progress Level 4
Persecution Ranking Not ranked (1=High to 50=Low OD)
Human Development Index Not reported (0=Low to 1=High UN)

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[1]  Calculated by summing the major religion data for the people groups in the country.
[2]  Calculated by summing the Evangelical data for the people groups in the country.
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