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ENGLISH Resources
People Group Data
All Peoples-by-Country (single file) Excel
Unreached Only by Country (single file) Excel
Countries table Excel
Languages table Excel
People-Country-Language table (single file) Excel
General Field descriptions Excel
Complete relational database (data only) Access  
Data change history files Change History
PowerPoints Top
Status of World Evangelization PowerPoint  (7.1 MB)
Let the Nations be Glad PowerPoint  (11.9 MB)
Signs of the Times PowerPoint  (4.7 MB)
To the Ends of the Earth PowerPoint  (17.2 MB)
Thirty Unreached Peoples PowerPoint  (6.0 MB)
Joshua Project Overview PowerPoint  (1.8 MB)
More PowerPoints
Maps Top
Progress of Christianity by People Group map PDF
Joshua Project Google Earth Peoples file KMZ
Encouraging Mission Trends map PDF Word
From Every Nation map PDF Word
Declare His Glory Among the Nations map PDF Word
Sample South Asia Peoples map PDF
Poster-sized Unreached Peoples world maps:
More Maps
Bulletin Inserts Top
Buddhism bulletin insert PDF  
Muslim bulletin insert PDF  
Hinduism bulletin insert PDF  
Mission Next-Steps bulletin insert PDF Word
Unreached Peoples bulletin insert (sample) PDF  
More Bulletin Inserts
Unreached Resources Top
Developing Mission Vision PDF Word
God's Symphony of Effort PDF Word
Mission Trends PDF Word
Mission Facts and Faces PDF Word
People Profile Research and Writing Summary PDF Word
People Profile Research and Writing Guide PDF Word
Unreached People Data Gathering form PDF Word
People Group Feedback Form PDF Word
People Profile Template (from Orville Boyd Jenkins) PDF  
Joshua Project website on DVD (Contact us) DVD  
More Articles
Prayer Cards
Prayer Card Sets PDFs  
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Recursos en ESPAÑOL
Informacion de Etnias
Todas Etnias por País (archivo sencillo) Excel
No Alcanzados por País (archivo sencillo) Excel
Descripciones Generales de los Campos Excel
Estado de la Evangelización Mundial PowerPoint  (6.4 MB)
Señales de los Tiempos PowerPoint  (9.2 MB)
Treinta Etnias No Alcanzadas PowerPoint  (6.2 MB)
Resumen del Proyecto Josué PowerPoint  (1.8 MB)
Trayectoria Global Misionera (mapa) PDF
De Cada Nación (mapa) PDF
Recursos en Español
Estado de la Evangelización Mundial (folleto) PDF
Desarrollando un Corazón para las Misiones PDF
Datos Misioneros y Caras de los No Alcanzados PDF
¿Cuántas etnias hay? PDF
Definiendo las Castas PDF
Formulario de Investigación PDF
Reglas para la definición de etnias PDF
Orando por los grupos étnicos menos alcanzados PDF
Tarjetas de Oración
Tarjetas de Oración PDFs  
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Recursos em PORTUGUÊS
Dados de Grupos de Populacionais
Todos os Povos por País (arquivo único) Excel
Não Alcançados por País (arquivo único) Excel
Descrições Gerais de Campos Excel
Sinais dos Tempos PowerPoint  (4.3 MB)
Trinta Povos não Alcançados PowerPoint  (7.4 MB)
Joshua Projeto Visão PowerPoint  (1.7 MB)
Oração Cards
Oração Cards PDFs  
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Ressources en FRANÇAIS
Informations sur les Groupes de Personnes
Tous les Peuples par Pays (un seul fichier) Excel
Les MoinsAtteint Seulement par Pays (un seul fichier) Excel
Descriptions de Domaines Excel
Monde Personnes sur Dix PDF  
Les Cartes de Prière
Les Cartes de Prière PDFs  
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DEUTSCHE Ressourcen
Alle Volksgruppen in einem Land (Gesamtdatei) Excel
Unerreichte Volksgruppen in einem Land (Gesamtdatei) Excel
Allgemeine Feldbeschreibungen Excel
Ressourcen auf Deutsch
Die Methodik der Völkerliste Word PDF
Wie viele Volksgruppen gibt es? Word PDF
Was ist eine Volksgruppe? Word PDF
Unerreichte Volksgruppen Recherche Formular Word PDF
Deutsch PowerPoints
Stand der Weltevangelisation PowerPoint  (6.3 MB)
Lassen Sie die Völker Freuen Sich PowerPoint  (9.4 MB)
Signs of the Times PowerPoint  (5.1 MB)
Dreißig Unerreichte Volksgruppen PowerPoint  (7.7 MB)
Vorstellung Joshua Projekt PowerPoint  (13.0 MB)
Kartenmaterial Missionsbefehl
Aus jeder Nation - Karte PDF
Prayer Cards
Prayer Cards PDFs  
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Data Group Orang
Semua Peoples-by-Negara Excel
Belum Terjangkau Hanya dengan Negara Excel
Deskripsi Lapangan Excel
Status Penginjilan Dunia Word PDF
Rencana Pengembangan Misi & Visi Word PDF
Apa itu Suku Bangsa? Word PDF
Biar Segala Bangsa Bersukacita PowerPoint  (9.7 MB)
Tanda-tanda Zaman PowerPoint  (8.2 MB)
30 Suku Yang Belum Terjamah PowerPoint  (7.7 MB)
Joshua Proyek Ikhtisar PowerPoint  (1.9 MB)
Kemajuan Penyebaran Injil pada Kelompok Suku PDF  (135.5 KB)
Kartu Doa
Kartu Doa PDFs  
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世界福音状态(中国传统) PowerPoint  (7.8 MB)  
三未得之民(中国传统) PowerPoint  (7.7 MB)
祈祷卡 PDFs  
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Note:  Many of the above files are in compressed format and require a PC or Macintosh unzipping utility such as WinZip or ZipIt to open. Files expand into the indicated file formats. Data is the same across formats. Joshua Project makes regular updates to these files so we encourage you to visit regularly.
Hmong Shua, Sinicized of China
Population:  353,000
Status: Unreached
Nuristani, Waigeli of Afghanistan
Population:  33,000
Status: Unreached
Tibetan, Boyu of China
Population:  4,300
Status: Unreached
Uygur, Yutian of China
Population:  70,000
Status: Unreached
Aguri of India
Population:  612,000
Status: Unreached
Hu of China
Population:  1,100
Status: Unreached

Mission Question
How many people groups larger than 1,000,000 do not have Scripture portions, the Jesus Film,Gospel recordings or radio broadcasts and are unreached?  Answer ...

Missions Scripture

Unreached Peoples Fact
2,115 people groups in the world have neither Scripture portions or audio recordings available in their primary language, comprising 152,000,000 individuals.  More Mission Facts ...

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