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Hmu, Northern of China
Prayer Month: July 2010
Focus: Northeast Asia
Country: China
People Name: Hmu, Northern
Population: 2,114,000
World Population: 2,114,000
Language: Miao, Northern Qiandong
Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
Progress Status: 1.0
% Adherents : 0.30 %
% Evangelical: 0.25 %
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Hmu, Northern of China

Introduction / History
The Northern Qiangdong Hmong is a group of about 900,000 people living in south central China, concentrated in southeast Guizhou Province. They are primarily agriculturalists. They grow and trade rice, rapeseed, vegetables, and raise chickens. They are known for their beautiful embroidery, jewelry and bright, colorful clothing. Their trade neighbors are the Dong, Bouyei, and other Hmong people groups.

The greatest need of the Hmong is community development. The Hmong overall is one of the poorest ethnic groups of China. The Northern Qiangdong Hmong have a good sense of self-identity. They value their mother tongue. However 90% of all Hmong are illiterate in the official orthography of the Hmong, and 65% are illiterate in Mandarin Chinese.

Over 95% of the Hmong are animistic. They build altars to appease the spirits as well as to honor ancestors. Shamans will advise parents as to which spirit is making their child sick and must be appeased. Those Hmong who live in the cities may be atheistic. Less than 1% of Hmong are Christian.

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Hmu, Northern of China

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