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Chinese, general of Angola

Prayer Month: January 2011
Focus: East and Southern Africa
Country: Angola
People Name: Chinese, general
Population: 376,000
World Population: 15,621,000
Language: Chinese, Mandarin
Primary Religion: Non-Religious
Progress Status: 1.0
% Adherents : 1.05 %
% Evangelical: 0.70 %
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Chinese, general of Angola

Introduction / History
In the last couple of decades thousands of construction workers, engineers, doctors, cooks, and petroleum engineers have migrated from China to Angola. Current estimates are 258,000 Chinese living in Angola. They are extracting oil and developing Angola's damaged infrastructure after many years of war. Angola is China's largest supplier of oil, according to a BBC News article. The Chinese companies are using local materials, but hiring Chinese people from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), so this is not providing jobs for the Angolans. The Angolans resent this situation, especially since it causes higher prices for average people.

Where are they located?
The Chinese workers are located all over the country, but specifically in the northern oilfields. They live in separate compounds. Many live in the city of Luanda in the northern part of Angola.

What are their lives like?
The Chinese have a strong work ethic, and they work long, hard hours in their new environment. They are in Angola temporarily on work visas. Unfortunately, there has been much crime against Chinese citizens including kidnappings by armed gangs. Some Chinese citizens have contacted yellow fever before traveling home. These unresolved issues have made the Chinese weary of living in Angola and many have left.

What are their beliefs?
Most of the Chinese in Angola are secular in their mindset, though some worship their ancestors and look to them for their needs to be met.

What are their needs?
There are clear barriers of language and culture between the Chinese and the local population. Chinese workers also live separately from Angolans in specially-built compounds. Many hoped that they would transfer their skills to Angolans starved of education and training by the war years, but this has not happened.

Prayer Points
* Pray for more tolerant attitude and closer working relations between the Chinese and the Angolans.
* Pray that the secularized Chinese will have the chance to hear and respond to the gospel in the more religiously tolerant Angola.
* Pray that Angolan evangelicals will use the many available Christian media resources to witness to the Chinese visitors.

AdditionalPrayer Points:    www.PrayerGuard.net
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