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Population % Evangel % Adherent Progress Scale Primary Religion Primary Language
Runga29,0000.00 %0.00 %1.0 IslamRunga
Hausa33,0000.06 %0.08 %1.0 IslamHausa
Fulani, Nigerian59,0000.02 %0.05 %1.0 IslamFulfulde, Nigerian
Fulani, Bagirmi206,0000.03 %0.10 %1.0 IslamFulfulde, Bagirmi
Baggara, Shuwa Arab105,0000.05 %0.11 %1.0 IslamArabic, Chadian Spoken
Baggara, Fertit23,0000.01 %0.01 %1.0 IslamArabic, Sudanese Spoken
Arab, Turku4,7000.00 %0.00 %1.0 IslamArabic, Sudanese Creole
Least-Reached People Groups: 460,0007
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