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Buddhism496,717,00067052778.7 %
Christianity2,376,102,0007,09200.0 %
Ethnic Religions721,613,0002,64397336.8 %
Hinduism1,158,498,0002,5812,34991.0 %
Islam1,792,640,0003,6193,06684.7 %
Non-Religious982,400,000259197.3 %
Other / Small58,109,00013913798.6 %
Unknown8,763,00040717.5 %
Totals:        8 Major Religions 7,594,872,000 17,043 7,078 41.5 %
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<span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Lao Phuan of Laos  (141,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Khinalug, Ketsh Khalkh of Azerbaijan  (2,300) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Dhakad of India  (713,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Bhampta of India  (43,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Sindhi of United States  (5,900) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Urak Lawoi of Thailand  (3,100) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Dusadh (Hindu traditions) of India  (5,616,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Drukpa of Bhutan  (228,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Aoka of China  (326,000)
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