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Data last updated: 02-Oct-2019
2019-08-22Introduced new South Asia Clusters
2018-05-16Totally redesigned Unreached People of the Day mobile app released
2018-05-1431 Largest Frontier booklet produced
2018-04-13Subgroups added to People profiles and Search results
2018-03-28Frontier Peoples page and map added
2018-03-26International Day for the Unreached added to home page
2018-03-20Web hosting server change-over
2017-04-12Android version of Photo and Data Gathering App released
2017-03-17Re-designed Unreached People of the Day website
2016-12-10South Asia Peoples website launched
2016-11-16Swapped Orange and Yellow Progress Scale levels for normal sequence
2016-07-22Interactive India map added
2016-05-18Converted to five level Progress Scale
2016-01-15Website color redesign, new home page and search mechanism
2015-08-19Moved Pakistan from Central Asia to South Asia
2015-08-18Combined a number of Akha and Khmu groups per Asia Harvest
2015-07-29Added user-defined prayer card PDF creation
2015-04-03Customizable Unreached People of the Day widget offered
2015-03-27Implemented Small People Group policy
2015-03-26Added Other Reported Groups in Country footer
2015-01-13Changed to FTT unengaged data only, unengaged only displays on profiles
2014-12-18Removed JP Languages app. Now promoting Kolo World app
2014-03-11New Joshua Project website launched
2014-01-20Spanish version of Unreached People of the Day mobile app released
2013-12-04Korean version of Unreached People of the Day mobile app released
2013-11-12Updated all Jesus Film availability
2013-10-25Get Involved bulletin insert added
2013-10-25Challenging Missions Quotes handout added
2013-10-25People Cluster profiles added
2013-10-08Revised Download page to include additional non-English resources
2013-08-29Menu overview added
2013-08-27Korean version of Unreached of the Day email made available
2013-08-20New versions of iOS and Android Unreached of the Day apps released
2013-08-15Updated Unreached of the Day mobile app page
2013-08-12Introduced new set of Unreached People of the Day profiles
2013-08-07Added Facebook and the Unreached page
2013-08-02All charts and graphs converted from Flash to javascript
2013-07-08Why India? and Evangelicals by Continent handouts added
2013-07-01Updated language information to Ethnologue 17th Edition
2013-06-11THUMBS Prayer Guide added from Team Expansion
2013-05-14Unknown and small population notice added
2013-05-10Language Details tab rearranged and dialect alternate names added
2013-05-07Unreached Peoples Quiz added
2013-04-30Added various prayer guides and resources
2013-04-29Changed maps from GIF to PNG format for better viewing in mobile apps
2013-04-08Updated Prayer Resources page
2013-03-12Joshua Project survey added
2013-02-27Added Missing Worshipers handout
2013-02-21Update various prayer calendars
2013-02-12Changed web host for Joshua Project website
2013-01-02Created Wall of the Unreached
2012-12-21Added new German Great Commission PowerPoints
2012-11-27Added Has Everyone Heard? article
2012-11-14Mapping capability added to People Selector page
2012-09-26Added Language Selector page
2012-09-19Filled in missing Google map locations country pages for people groups.
2012-09-06% Evangelical and % Christian Adherent add to People Cluster listing
2012-08-30Added All Mobile Apps page
2012-08-28Updated home page to include maps, prayer cards and news options
2012-08-16Updated country pages to display Google map with peoples
2012-08-08iPhone / iPad version of Unreached People of the Day app released
2012-07-19New website tutorial videos added
2012-07-03JP Languages Android app added
2012-06-29Significant updates to Prayer Resources page
2012-06-14Added PeopleID3, ROG3 and ROL3 capability to search function
2012-06-11Switched to internal search as default for entire site
2012-06-07New partnership and donation page
2012-05-23Start - keep it simple added to main menu
2012-05-08Advanced Search page added
2012-05-03Updated % Evangelical and % Christian for all peoples in 10/40 Window
2012-04-19Redesigned Discover and Equip pages
2012-04-17Redesigned Serve, Help and About pages
2012-04-16Android version of Unreached People of the Day app released
2012-04-12Code lookups added to Country, People and Language screens
2012-04-06Added Great Commission handouts page
2012-03-22Unreached of the Day email available in Spanish
2012-03-16Added People Clusters as Concept page
2012-02-21Significantly expanded People Cluster pages
2012-02-02Videos added to various people profiles and languages
2012-01-19Updated the Unreached People of the Day webpage
2012-01-17Unengaged Prayer Calendars added
2011-12-21Added Indigenous flag to listings and profiles
2011-12-13Additional website tutorial videos added
2011-11-10Initial website tutorial videos added
2011-10-28South Asia people profiles now include population density flash maps
2011-10-21Mission Frontiers article Do People Groups Still Matter? added
2011-10-19Updated prayer resources page
2011-10-18Pakistan district maps added
2011-10-12Rearranged entries in Discover dropdown menu
2011-09-30Pakistan province maps added
2011-09-15Why People Groups? diagram added
2011-08-31JP Languages iPhone app added
2011-08-30AD2000 & Beyond Regional booklets added
2011-08-22Unreached of the Day email available in Portuguese
2011-08-16Ability to select specific days of week for Unreached of the Day email
2011-07-26Added Growth Rate of Evangelical Christianity map
2011-07-19Added Developing Mission Vision document
2011-07-12Added India and Nepal Prayer Guides
2011-06-17Transitioned Unreached People of the Day email to Contactology
2011-06-16People-specific Get Involved page added
2011-06-16Affinity Bloc and People Cluster options added to People Selector page
2011-06-10Added Christian Adherents > 5% and <= 5% where previously not displayed
2011-06-06Added unreached prayer calendars page
2011-05-20Prayer Card games and presentation ideas added
2011-05-17Affinity Bloc map added
2011-04-11Language resources direct linking to MegaVoice offerings
2011-03-30State and District flash maps created for India
2011-03-21Added Korean prayer cards
2011-03-17State and District flash maps created for Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
2011-03-02People Groups displayed in Google Maps
2011-02-24Added narrow versions of Unreached of the Day feed in all languages
2011-02-18Country level Prayercast videos added
2011-01-31Added Chinese prayer cards
2011-01-26People Profile layout reformatted and progress gauge added
2011-01-03Links added to Great Commission Books page
2010-12-14New Unengaged by Affinity Bloc, People Cluster, Region and Country page
2010-12-02Declare His Glory Among the Nations map added
2010-11-23Added Why Include Adherents When Defining Unreached? page
2010-11-22Numerous new webpages added such as Equip, Serve, Help and About
2010-11-20Redesigned Joshua Project website moved to live site
2010-11-09Joshua Project introductory video added
2010-10-07Operation World launch highlighted
2010-10-04Unreached Prayer Initiative launched
2010-09-08Religion coding changed from ROR to RLG
2010-08-03Added people groups by state in India listing
2010-07-28Added direct links to Ethnologue country language listings
2010-07-21Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim Bulletin Inserts added
2010-07-12Added Country prayer card sets
2010-07-09Added Indonesian prayer cards
2010-07-01Complete people profile text review, statistical data updated
2010-06-14All people profile text merged into single database
2010-06-08Updated all populations to mid-2010 levels from UN and other sources
2010-05-26Remove large amount of % Adherent data per request of data provider
2010-04-15All people group photos and maps now using new PeopleID3 coding
2010-04-09Added Caste and Church Planting Movements in South Asia article
2010-04-08Added Language tab to Country page with Bible, Jesus Film, Audio status
2010-04-06Page explaining ROP to PeopleID coding change added
2010-04-05Changed People Group coding from ROP3 to Peo3
2010-03-31Updated Comparison of Global People Group Lists page
2010-03-17Let the Nations Be Glad PowerPoint added
2010-02-17Unengaged status modified on people profiles and user defined search
2010-02-16Added Mission Next Step Ideas bulletin insert
2010-02-12Added Mission Facts and Faces handout
2010-02-09Changed People Cluster coding from ROP2 to Peo2
2010-02-09Changed Affinity Bloc coding from ROP1 to Peo1
2010-02-03Online Audio New Testament summary page added
2010-01-25Signs of the Times PowerPoint added
2010-01-21Updated 10/40 Window to revised country listing
2010-01-11Added Social Networker to Opportunities page
2010-01-11Added Unengaged (per Joshua Project) prayer cards in English
2009-12-15Joshua Project Progress Scale modified to have only three levels
2009-12-03Prioritization Ranking removed from website for simplicity
2009-11-15Added email link to Unreached People of the Day webfeed
2009-10-20Merged language web resources tables
2009-10-05Redesigned International pages to include flash maps
2009-09-21Updated International pages design to match overall site design
2009-09-18Redesigned RSS Feed page
2009-09-15General website redesign, new header, footer and menus
2009-08-20Joshua Project website on DVD now available for Mac. Contact us.
2009-08-17Unreached Peoples videos page added
2009-08-06Flags added to Country maps
2009-08-05Accountability page updated
2009-07-30Why Pray for Unreached Peoples page added
2009-07-29The Seed Company links added
2009-07-29Pray! Feature added to people profiles
2009-07-22Facebook Daily Unreached People application update to display on Wall
2009-06-25Forum of Bible Agency link added to Language page Bible tab
2009-06-24Flash maps redesigned to link to other flash maps
2009-06-23People and Language pages redesigned
2009-06-17Audio Bible added to all Languages pages
2009-06-15Updated all populations to mid-2009 levels from UN and other sources
2009-06-10Urbanization data added to Countries, Regions and All Regions pages page redesigned
2009-06-03Cities tab added to Country page
2009-05-28Definitions page redesigned
2009-05-27Created better layout for German Unreached Prayer cards
2009-05-18Initial draft of Unreached Prayer website
2009-05-05People Progress and Religion summary graphs added to Countries page
2009-04-16Redesigned Countries page with tab interface
2009-03-23Unreached People prayer cards added in French and Portuguese
2009-03-12Flash map added to People Clusters page
2009-03-03Unreached People prayer cards added in English, Spanish and German
2009-02-24New Opportunities page. Get involved and make an impact!
2009-02-17Great Commission Statistics page updated and redesigned
2009-02-12Download page redesigned to have language tabs
2009-02-04Redesigned All Countries page with user selected mapping
2009-01-22Languages page redesigned to have tab interface
2009-01-19World Flash map added to Languages page
2009-01-13Joshua Project Progress Scale updated
2009-01-08World Flash map added to Peoples page
2009-01-05Global drill-down Flash map added to Home page
2008-12-17World Population and Statistics clock added
2008-12-17Consolidated many of the Bania peoples
2008-12-12Significant number of US people groups added from census data
2008-12-10Links to Operation World and Library of Congress Country Studies added
2008-12-03Global drill-down Flash map added
2008-12-01Major South Asia people group Update
2008-11-24Simplified Joshua Project multi-lingual site first draft online
2008-10-27Great Commission PowerPoints now viewable online
2008-10-17Added selected China people profiles from Operation China
2008-10-03Major South Asia Jat People Update
2008-09-19Converted to Ethnologue 16th Edition language codes
2008-09-03Added Google Earth KMZ Peoples file from People Group Mapping Project
2008-08-25Added Unreached of the Day MySpace application and Prayer calendar
2008-08-14Main menu rearranged for clarity and simplicity
2008-08-05Developed Unreached of the Day code for WordPress
2008-07-01Unreached People of the Day daily email capability added
2008-06-27Alliance partnership formed with Etnopedia initiative
2008-06-20Geographic Peoples tree data view added
2008-06-20Ethnic Peoples tree data view added
2008-06-11Populations updated to mid-2008 values
2008-06-06Added security code to forms to minimize spam
2008-05-23Joshua Project changed Internet Service Provider
2008-05-08Downloadable data available in Portuguese
2008-04-17Don't Waste Your Life video about Joshua Project added
2008-04-11Added Ways to Use page to
2008-04-02Printable Unreached People of the Day bulletin inserts created
2008-03-24Downloadable data available in French
2008-03-12Added Dalit social status to India people profiles
2008-03-10New Get Involved with this Language tool added
2008-03-04Downloadable data available in Spanish and German
2008-02-27Mini-prayer profiles added to
2008-02-21Added Myanmar district level reporting in Omid database. Contact us
2008-02-12Updated Progress of the Gospel map
2008-02-03Begin website development
2008-01-26Unreached People of the Day Facebook application launched
2008-01-10Significant German unreached people resources added
2007-12-28Additional Chinese unreached people resources updated
2007-12-19Redesigned FAQ page and updated Global Statistics page
2007-12-07Spanish Data downloads added
2007-12-03Added Traditional and Simplified Chinese Resources
2007-11-20Major South Asia Bania People Update
2007-10-11Added Unreached People Research form
2007-10-04Added Involvement Ideas for individuals and churches
2007-10-02Getting Started page added
2007-09-24Updated website interface and menus
2007-08-28Spanish versions of PowerPoints and resources added
2007-08-23Chinese versions of Status of World Evangelization
2007-08-17Country and Regional Ministry Activity lookup added
2007-07-10Stories from the Field feature added
2007-06-26Updated Ethne section of website
2007-06-15Populations updated to mid-2007 values
2007-05-17South Asia peoples data fully updated
2007-04-26Word format download capability added
2007-03-20Global Progress Scale map and PDF added
2007-03-07User-defined data selection capability added
2007-02-08Johnstone Affinity Bloc and People Cluster article added
2007-01-04Unreached People of the Day feed added
2006-12-07Comprehensive peoples population review completed
2006-11-28Joshua Project RSS feeds added
2006-09-05Clickable PDF maps added
2006-08-11Language page now displays Secondary languages
2006-08-09Pakistan data completely updated
2006-05-26Updated peoples data for Congo, DRC and Costa Rica
2006-05-25Ethne-to-Ethne section completely revised
2006-05-12Updated peoples data for China and Colombia
2006-05-01Updated peoples data for Nepal and Guinea
2006-04-21PrayerTools icon and links added throughout website
2006-04-19Added Deaf people group to all countries
2006-03-17Change history tracking table added
2006-02-13Links to Ethnologue language maps added
2006-02-02Extensive Indonesia profiles added
2006-01-18Unengaged and Morelia scale indicators added
2005-12-08Gallery of thumbnail people photos available by country
2005-10-24Updated all country populations to UN 2005 figures
2005-09-22Added Religion percentages to various people profiles
2005-09-14Added Evangelism toolbox links
2005-09-08People photos sync with COMIMEX P3K project
2005-08-23Added links for Country maps showing districts
2005-08-23Added people by province / location within country data
2005-08-11Changed to Ethne-to-Ethne regions. Added regions map.
2005-08-02Split Progress Level 2.1 into 2.1 and 2.2
2005-07-29Full Joshua Project website available on CD. Contact us
2005-07-26Locator people maps for Russia, Laos, and Sudan
2005-06-21Added Global Progress Scale summary page
2005-06-08Added Things you can find on this website feature
2005-05-26Links to ethnolinguistic maps on listings and profiles
2005-05-05Added Country religions header to selected countries
2005-04-27Printable profilesavailable for profiles with all elements
2005-04-21Laos people profiles added from Asia Harvest
2005-04-18Converted to Ethnologue 15th Edition language codes
2005-03-24Language resources and audio links added
2005-02-28China people profiles added from Operation China
2005-01-07Bethany prayer profiles updated and reformatted
Musahar (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  3,067,000
Status: Unreached
Lohar (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  9,490,000
Status: Unreached
Mewati (Muslim traditions) of India
Population:  839,000
Status: Unreached
Tarkhan (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  883,000
Status: Unreached
Zaza-Dimli of Turkey
Population:  1,721,000
Status: Unreached
Beja, Bedawi of Egypt
Population:  1,099,000
Status: Unreached
Hajam of Pakistan
Population:  2,172,000
Status: Unreached
Sahariya of India
Population:  876,000
Status: Unreached
Megh (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  4,041,000
Status: Unreached
Kalwar (Hindu traditions) of India
Population:  3,809,000
Status: Unreached

Mission Question
How many people groups in Central and South America are primarily Muslim?  Answer ...

Missions Scripture
"E, ouvindo eles estas coisas, apaziguaram-se e glorificaram a Deus, dizendo: Logo, também aos gentios foi por Deus concedido o arrependimento para vida."  Atos dos Apóstolos 11:18

Unreached Peoples Fact
Census data (2011) indicates there are some 20,833,000 Sikhs in India, and 4,452,000 Jains.  More Mission Facts ...

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