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What is the Unreached of the Day?
Unreached of the Day is a mobile device application designed to present the Unreached People of the Day. Use the app each day to learn about and pray for a different unreached people group.

What do Unreached of the Day profiles present?
Unreached of the Day people group profiles include a photo, statistics, text, map, Scripture reference and prayer items.

Is every unreached people group featured in this app?
No, only 366 groups are shown in this app. See Joshua Project for a complete list of unreached peoples.

Does Unreached of the Day show people profiles for days other than today?
Yes, the Lists page provides a look-up for any of the featured 366 people groups by day of the year, country or people name.

What mobile devices are supported?
Unreached of the Day is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Once installed, the app does not require internet access.

How can I send feedback about the Unreached of the Day?
We highly value feedback and suggestions. Go to the "More or FAQ" screen in the app and tap "Send App Feedback" or go to the Joshua Project contact us page and select feedback options.
Android / iPhone / iPad Screenshots
The current Android and Apple version was built by Missional Digerati. Thank you Johnathan and Arley!

Earlier versions of these apps were built by dedicated volunteers who are passionate about unreached peoples. Thank you Lightsys Code-A-Thon students and Brother Hison!

We would like to thank several groups for their partnership in providing material to Joshua Project:
Direct link:  http://legacy.joshuaproject.net/mobile-unreached.php