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AariAudio New Testament1285,000
AbauAudio New Testament17,500
AbunAudio New Testament13,800
AchaguaAudio New Testament1300
AdygheAudio New Testament13608,000
AdzeraAudio New Testament241,000
AfrikaansAudio New Testament197,332,000
AgarabiAudio New Testament137,000
AghulAudio New Testament130,000
Agta, DupaninanAudio New Testament11,400
Agta, Umiray DumagetAudio New Testament14,400
Alaba-K'abeenaAudio New Testament2317,000
AlamblakAudio New Testament11,000
AlekanoAudio New Testament140,000
AlladianAudio New Testament135,000
AmamAudio New Testament16,900
AmanabAudio New Testament15,600
AmarakaeriAudio New Testament11,900
AmarasiAudio New Testament172,000
Ambrym, NorthAudio New Testament17,200
Ambrym, SoutheastAudio New Testament12,000
AmbulasAudio New Testament233,000
AmeleAudio New Testament110,000
Amuzgo, GuerreroAudio New Testament146,000
Aneme WakeAudio New Testament11,200
AngaatahaAudio New Testament12,500
Angal HenengAudio New Testament264,000
AngorAudio New Testament11,500
AnkaveAudio New Testament11,500
AnukiAudio New Testament1600
ApalAudio New Testament11,200
Arabic, Algerian SpokenAudio New Testament2830,794,000
Arabic, Libyan SpokenAudio New Testament245,036,000
Arabic, Moroccan SpokenAudio New Testament2828,020,000
Arabic, North Levantine SpokenAudio New Testament11925,708,000
Arabic, North Mesopotamian SpokeAudio New Testament511,629,000
ArapahoAudio New Testament11,200
AreAudio New Testament11,700
AringaAudio New Testament2495,000
ArmenianAudio New Testament63,849,000
Arrernte, EasternAudio New Testament11,900
AruamuAudio New Testament112,000
AsuAudio New Testament1530,000
AuAudio New Testament111,000
AuhelawaAudio New Testament11,000
AvatimeAudio New Testament127,000
Awa-CuaiquerAudio New Testament214,000
AwaraAudio New Testament11,800
AwiyaanaAudio New Testament115,000
AwngiAudio New Testament2558,000
Ayta, Mag-IndiAudio New Testament16,700
BaegguAudio New Testament18,600
Baga SitemuAudio New Testament140,000
BagheliAudio New Testament42,680,000
BahnarAudio New Testament1228,000
BakhtiariAudio New Testament11,165,000
BamunAudio New Testament1420,000
BandiAudio New Testament2161,000
BanggaiAudio New Testament188,000
BangonAudio New Testament11,100
BaouleAudio New Testament54,654,000
BargamAudio New Testament14,000
BariaiAudio New Testament11,400
BarugaAudio New Testament12,800
BasaAudio New Testament1309,000
BashkortAudio New Testament81,234,000
BasketoAudio New Testament1106,000
BasqueAudio New Testament26538,000
BauniAudio New Testament22,200
BelarusianAudio New Testament582,635,000
BenabenaAudio New Testament165,000
BenchAudio New Testament1348,000
BengaAudio New Testament105,500
BerikAudio New Testament21,500
Bete, DaloaAudio New Testament1199,000
BezhtaAudio New Testament27,000
BhatriAudio New Testament1334,000
BiakAudio New Testament170,000
BiangaiAudio New Testament16,200
BiateAudio New Testament124,000
BiminAudio New Testament12,900
BineAudio New Testament12,100
Bo-UngAudio New Testament130,000
BokyiAudio New Testament2269,000
BolaAudio New Testament219,000
BoroAudio New Testament61,474,000
BorongAudio New Testament13,000
BouniAudio New Testament1600
BouyeiAudio New Testament32,887,000
BuamuAudio New Testament1268,000
Buang, ManggaAudio New Testament11,600
Buang, MaposAudio New Testament17,000
BuduAudio New Testament2341,000
BugawacAudio New Testament113,000
BughotuAudio New Testament15,900
BugunAudio New Testament11,100
BuhidAudio New Testament112,000
BuhutuAudio New Testament11,500
BukiyipAudio New Testament121,000
BuluAudio New Testament2982,000
BunamaAudio New Testament16,600
Buriat, RussiaAudio New Testament4225,000
CabecarAudio New Testament111,000
CaloAudio New Testament7460,000
CamsaAudio New Testament14,300
CarrierAudio New Testament1700
CatalanAudio New Testament114,077,000
CermaAudio New Testament254,000
ChachiAudio New Testament15,900
ChakmaAudio New Testament3378,000
Cham, WesternAudio New Testament7291,000
Chatino, Eastern HighlandAudio New Testament12,200
Chatino, NopalaAudio New Testament111,000
Chatino, Western HighlandAudio New Testament319,000
ChechenAudio New Testament191,527,000
CherokeeAudio New Testament11,500
CheyenneAudio New Testament1400
ChidigoAudio New Testament2576,000
Chin, BualkhawAudio New Testament12,700
Chin, HakhaAudio New Testament8170,000
Chin, PaiteAudio New Testament280,000
Chin, SiyinAudio New Testament111,000
Chin, ZotungAudio New Testament251,000
Chinantec, LalanaAudio New Testament113,000
Chinantec, LealaoAudio New Testament12,800
Chinantec, OjitlanAudio New Testament145,000
Chinantec, PalantlaAudio New Testament127,000
Chinantec, SochiapamAudio New Testament14,300
ChipayaAudio New Testament11,800
ChiquitanoAudio New Testament24,700
ChiruAudio New Testament18,600
ChittagonianAudio New Testament614,206,000
CholAudio New Testament3252,000
Chontal, TabascoAudio New Testament128,000
Chorote, Iyojwa'jaAudio New Testament1900
ChruAudio New Testament120,000
ChuaveAudio New Testament226,000
ChujAudio New Testament961,000
ChukchiAudio New Testament15,200
ChuvashAudio New Testament111,080,000
CishinginiAudio New Testament1126,000
Cree, Southern EastAudio New Testament150
CroatianAudio New Testament585,488,000
CrowAudio New Testament14,200
CubeoAudio New Testament26,300
CurripacoAudio New Testament612,000
DadibiAudio New Testament113,000
DagaAudio New Testament110,000
Dagaari DioulaAudio New Testament132,000
DanAudio New Testament61,569,000
DangiAudio New Testament1203,000
DangmeAudio New Testament11,020,000
DanishAudio New Testament445,618,000
DanoAudio New Testament157,000
DargwaAudio New Testament10495,000
DatoogaAudio New Testament2161,000
DawawaAudio New Testament12,300
DawroAudio New Testament6513,000
DegAudio New Testament244,000
DendiAudio New Testament3270,000
DezfuliAudio New Testament1Unknown
DhaoAudio New Testament16,100
Dida, YocoboueAudio New Testament1156,000
Digaro-MishmiAudio New Testament345,000
DjambarrpuynguAudio New Testament14,300
DobuAudio New Testament114,000
DogosoAudio New Testament114,000
Doromu-KokiAudio New Testament12,000
DuruwaAudio New Testament112,000
EdoloAudio New Testament12,300
Embera, NorthernAudio New Testament283,000
EngaAudio New Testament1300,000
ErzyaAudio New Testament9356,000
EsahieAudio New Testament2305,000
Ese EjjaAudio New Testament21,100
EssonoAudio New Testament13,500
Ewage-NotuAudio New Testament112,000
EwondoAudio New Testament21,258,000
EzaaAudio New Testament1700,000
FaiwolAudio New Testament13,300
FaroeseAudio New Testament269,000
FasuAudio New Testament11,100
FinnishAudio New Testament345,114,000
FipaAudio New Testament1713,000
FolopaAudio New Testament13,200
ForeAudio New Testament230,000
GaddiAudio New Testament1181,000
GamoAudio New Testament11,630,000
GarhwaliAudio New Testament52,480,000
Gata'Audio New Testament14,400
GbanAudio New Testament161,000
Gbaya-BossangoaAudio New Testament1234,000
GbiiAudio New Testament112,000
German, PennsylvaniaAudio New Testament2148,000
GhayaviAudio New Testament13,800
GilakiAudio New Testament34,361,000
GirawaAudio New Testament13,600
GizigaAudio New Testament1101,000
GogoAudio New Testament11,080,000
GolaAudio New Testament2190,000
GolinAudio New Testament2114,000
Guarani, Eastern BolivianAudio New Testament470,000
Guarani, MbyaAudio New Testament320,000
Guhu-SamaneAudio New Testament112,000
Guinea-Bissau CreoleAudio New Testament6320,000
GujaratiAudio New Testament53156,933,000
GunAudio New Testament51,139,000
GwahatikeAudio New Testament12,000
GwiAudio New Testament11,500
Gwich'inAudio New Testament2600
HadiyyaAudio New Testament11,840,000
HalbiAudio New Testament1766,000
HaliaAudio New Testament125,000
Hanga HundiAudio New Testament19,800
Hawaii PidginAudio New Testament1605,000
HawuAudio New Testament2134,000
HayaAudio New Testament21,940,000
HdiAudio New Testament238,000
HeheAudio New Testament11,210,000
Hmong NjuaAudio New Testament10317,000
HopiAudio New Testament16,100
HuliAudio New Testament1200,000
IamaleleAudio New Testament13,500
IatmulAudio New Testament111,000
IbanagAudio New Testament1277,000
IcelandicAudio New Testament7327,000
IdunaAudio New Testament112,000
IgnacianoAudio New Testament11,100
IkaAudio New Testament132,000
Ikoma-Nata-IsenyeAudio New Testament135,000
IkwoAudio New Testament1267,000
IlaAudio New Testament183,000
ImbonguAudio New Testament130,000
Inoke-YateAudio New Testament116,000
Inupiatun, North AlaskanAudio New Testament2Unknown
Inupiatun, Northwest AlaskaAudio New Testament16,000
IraqwAudio New Testament1603,000
IrayaAudio New Testament116,000
ItalianAudio New Testament13064,790,000
Iu MienAudio New Testament12837,000
IwalAudio New Testament12,200
Iwam, SepikAudio New Testament13,400
IyoAudio New Testament18,700
Jah HutAudio New Testament1Unknown
JapaneseAudio New Testament141126,258,000
JitaAudio New Testament1365,000
Jur ModoAudio New Testament2180,000
KaansaAudio New Testament112,000
KabardianAudio New Testament81,890,000
KabwaAudio New Testament115,000
Kadazan, Labuk-KinabatanganAudio New Testament1Unknown
KaguluAudio New Testament1337,000
Kaili, LedoAudio New Testament1215,000
KakabaiAudio New Testament11,100
KalaAudio New Testament12,300
KalamAudio New Testament220,000
KalangaAudio New Testament3338,000
KaluliAudio New Testament13,100
KamanoAudio New Testament180,000
KamasauAudio New Testament11,200
KamayuraAudio New Testament1500
KamulaAudio New Testament11,100
KanasiAudio New Testament12,500
KandasAudio New Testament11,400
KaninuwaAudio New Testament1600
KaniteAudio New Testament19,300
Kanuri, YerwaAudio New Testament67,926,000
KapingamarangiAudio New Testament13,200
KaraAudio New Testament15,900
Karaboro, EasternAudio New Testament266,000
Karaboro, WesternAudio New Testament157,000
Karachay-BalkarAudio New Testament9311,000
KarelianAudio New Testament431,000
Karen, S'gawAudio New Testament42,170,000
Karkar-YuriAudio New Testament11,300
KashkayAudio New Testament11,871,000
KateAudio New Testament221,000
KawyawAudio New Testament211,000
KeaparaAudio New Testament127,000
KeinAudio New Testament12,400
KeraAudio New Testament288,000
Kewapi, WestAudio New Testament162,000
KeyaganaAudio New Testament112,000
KhantyAudio New Testament19,800
KhasiAudio New Testament11,050,000
KhmuAudio New Testament9804,000
KireAudio New Testament12,500
KirikeAudio New Testament1440,000
Kisi, SouthernAudio New Testament2318,000
KiwilwanaAudio New Testament122,000
KlaoAudio New Testament4400,000
KlonAudio New Testament15,300
KobonAudio New Testament112,000
KochAudio New Testament242,000
KohoAudio New Testament2176,000
Koiali, MountainAudio New Testament15,500
Kok BorokAudio New Testament10958,000
KombaAudio New Testament121,000
KombioAudio New Testament23,800
Komi-ZyrianAudio New Testament5160,000
KomoAudio New Testament1605,000
KooreteAudio New Testament1179,000
Korafe-YeghaAudio New Testament24,600
KoryakAudio New Testament11,700
KosenaAudio New Testament12,800
KouyaAudio New Testament116,000
KoyaAudio New Testament6455,000
Kpelle, GuineaAudio New Testament1497,000
Kpelle, LiberiaAudio New Testament2867,000
Krahn, WesternAudio New Testament2113,000
KriolAudio New Testament17,200
Krumen, PlapoAudio New Testament1100
Krumen, TepoAudio New Testament234,000
KrungAudio New Testament122,000
KuanuaAudio New Testament1120,000
KubeAudio New Testament110,000
KukeleAudio New Testament1189,000
Kuku-YalanjiAudio New Testament1300
Kuna, San BlasAudio New Testament172,000
KunimaipaAudio New Testament111,000
KuotAudio New Testament11,500
Kurdish, CentralAudio New Testament55,279,000
KuruxAudio New Testament52,084,000
KuviAudio New Testament2176,000
KwangaAudio New Testament413,000
KwomaAudio New Testament14,000
KyakaAudio New Testament112,000
LabelAudio New Testament1200
LacandonAudio New Testament1600
LakAudio New Testament7156,000
LambyaAudio New Testament3107,000
LamkangAudio New Testament212,000
Lampung ApiAudio New Testament6966,000
LaoAudio New Testament123,703,000
LazAudio New Testament324,000
LeleAudio New Testament151,000
LewoAudio New Testament13,000
LezgiAudio New Testament9624,000
Liberian EnglishAudio New Testament1Unknown
LikAudio New Testament14,300
LithuanianAudio New Testament252,886,000
LogoAudio New Testament1428,000
LokoAudio New Testament1179,000
LoleAudio New Testament123,000
LolopoAudio New Testament3397,000
LomaAudio New Testament1299,000
Lomwe, MalawiAudio New Testament13,990,000
LoteAudio New Testament16,000
Luba-KasaiAudio New Testament36,360,000
LuguruAudio New Testament1404,000
LulogooliAudio New Testament1335,000
Luri, NorthernAudio New Testament21,748,000
LutosAudio New Testament227,000
LuxembourgishAudio New Testament5427,000
LyeleAudio New Testament1213,000
Ma'di, SouthernAudio New Testament166,000
MaanAudio New Testament2428,000
MachameAudio New Testament1195,000
MacushiAudio New Testament316,000
MadaAudio New Testament1164,000
MadakAudio New Testament16,000
MahaliAudio New Testament129,000
MahouAudio New Testament1307,000
Mai BratAudio New Testament129,000
MaiadomuAudio New Testament11,200
MaijunaAudio New Testament1200
MaiwaAudio New Testament11,500
Makhuwa-MeettoAudio New Testament51,749,000
MakondeAudio New Testament51,995,000
Malay, KupangAudio New Testament1243,000
Malay, North MoluccanAudio New Testament1807,000
MaldivianAudio New Testament3345,000
MaleiAudio New Testament24,500
MalilaAudio New Testament178,000
MalolAudio New Testament14,600
MalviAudio New Testament15,440,000
ManamAudio New Testament110,000
MangsengAudio New Testament12,600
Maninka, SankaranAudio New Testament190,000
MankanyaAudio New Testament396,000
Manobo, AgusanAudio New Testament273,000
Manobo, AtaAudio New Testament112,000
Manobo, CotabatoAudio New Testament233,000
MaoriAudio New Testament3160,000
MapeAudio New Testament12,300
MaquiritariAudio New Testament26,600
MarbaAudio New Testament1271,000
Mari, HillAudio New Testament230,000
Mari, MeadowAudio New Testament4478,000
MarikAudio New Testament13,600
MatoAudio New Testament1700
MauwakeAudio New Testament23,000
Maya, MopanAudio New Testament213,000
MayogoAudio New Testament1189,000
Mazatec, ChiquihuitlanAudio New Testament11,800
MbayAudio New Testament4174,000
MbukoAudio New Testament117,000
Me'enAudio New Testament3172,000
MeiteiAudio New Testament101,775,000
MekeoAudio New Testament120,000
MeloAudio New Testament132,000
MengenAudio New Testament14,000
MenyaAudio New Testament225,000
MereyAudio New Testament122,000
MesmeAudio New Testament137,000
MianAudio New Testament13,500
MigaamaAudio New Testament130,000
MigabacAudio New Testament12,800
Miniafia OyanAudio New Testament14,700
Mixe, IsthmusAudio New Testament123,000
Mixe, JuquilaAudio New Testament19,300
Mixtec, AlacatlatzalaAudio New Testament131,000
Mixtec, AlcozaucaAudio New Testament113,000
Mixtec, AmoltepecAudio New Testament16,700
Mixtec, Apasco-ApoalaAudio New Testament114,000
Mixtec, JamiltepecAudio New Testament112,000
Mixtec, Northern TlaxiacoAudio New Testament25,800
Mixtec, OcotepecAudio New Testament17,400
Mixtec, PenolesAudio New Testament16,600
Mixtec, Santa Lucia MonteverdeAudio New Testament15,300
Mixtec, SilacayoapanAudio New Testament222,000
Mixtec, Southwestern TlaxiacoAudio New Testament18,800
MizoAudio New Testament16844,000
MochiAudio New Testament2362,000
Mofu, NorthAudio New Testament160,000
MomaAudio New Testament19,900
Mongo-NkunduAudio New Testament2650,000
MorisyenAudio New Testament101,028,000
MoroAudio New Testament172,000
MorokodoAudio New Testament150,000
MotuAudio New Testament144,000
MualangAudio New Testament143,000
MufianAudio New Testament216,000
MundariAudio New Testament41,170,000
MuyuwAudio New Testament14,000
MwanAudio New Testament121,000
MweraAudio New Testament1385,000
MyeneAudio New Testament145,000
NaasioiAudio New Testament122,000
NabakAudio New Testament126,000
NafaanraAudio New Testament289,000
Naga, AoAudio New Testament1260,000
Naga, InpuiAudio New Testament154,000
Naga, KharamAudio New Testament11,700
Naga, LothaAudio New Testament1179,000
Naga, SumiAudio New Testament211,000
Naga, TangshangAudio New Testament2299,000
Nahuatl, MichoacanAudio New Testament14,200
Nahuatl, TlamacazapaAudio New Testament12,200
NakanaiAudio New Testament130,000
NaliAudio New Testament22,900
NamiaeAudio New Testament11,500
NanaiAudio New Testament21,400
NancereAudio New Testament1144,000
NantiAudio New Testament190
NaskapiAudio New Testament11,200
NavajoAudio New Testament1167,000
NdambaAudio New Testament1196,000
NehanAudio New Testament17,000
NekAudio New Testament12,100
NenetsAudio New Testament123,000
NgaanyatjarraAudio New Testament11,100
NgambayAudio New Testament31,377,000
Ngbandi, NorthernAudio New Testament1250,000
NgindoAudio New Testament1171,000
NguluAudio New Testament1215,000
NiiAudio New Testament121,000
NilambaAudio New Testament1682,000
NkoyaAudio New Testament236,000
NobonobAudio New Testament12,400
NooneAudio New Testament140,000
NorwegianAudio New Testament485,306,000
NsengaAudio New Testament3627,000
Nuaulu, SouthAudio New Testament11,900
NumanggangAudio New Testament12,500
NusuAudio New Testament213,000
Nyakyusa-NgondeAudio New Testament21,359,000
NyamweziAudio New Testament11,470,000
NyaturuAudio New Testament1892,000
OdoodeeAudio New Testament1400
OksapminAudio New Testament112,000
OloAudio New Testament117,000
OmieAudio New Testament11,200
One, NorthernAudio New Testament32,700
OniyanAudio New Testament331,000
OrokaivaAudio New Testament148,000
OropAudio New Testament11,500
OsseticAudio New Testament22601,000
Otomi, QueretaroAudio New Testament147,000
Pa'oAudio New Testament2859,000
PaamaAudio New Testament19,000
Paiute, NorthernAudio New Testament1800
Palaung, RuchingAudio New Testament3273,000
PalikurAudio New Testament21,700
Pashto, NorthernAudio New Testament29617,197,000
Pashto, SouthernAudio New Testament169,005,000
PatepAudio New Testament22,200
PatpatarAudio New Testament110,000
Pele-AtaAudio New Testament12,300
PlautdietschAudio New Testament12386,000
PogoloAudio New Testament1201,000
Popoloca, San Felipe OtlaltepecAudio New Testament13,600
Popoloca, San Juan AtzingoAudio New Testament13,700
PulaarAudio New Testament95,399,000
Punjabi, EasternAudio New Testament27648,621,000
PunuAudio New Testament2169,000
Q'anjob'alAudio New Testament3174,000
Q'eqchi'Audio New Testament41,148,000
QaqetAudio New Testament115,000
Quechua, North BolivianAudio New Testament1238,000
Quichua, Imbabura HighlandAudio New Testament1150,000
Quichua, Northern PastazaAudio New Testament211,000
Quichua, Salasaca HighlandAudio New Testament118,000
RamoaainaAudio New Testament114,000
RawaAudio New Testament417,000
RawangAudio New Testament269,000
RikouAudio New Testament112,000
Romani, BalticAudio New Testament634,000
Romani, CarpathianAudio New Testament18157,000
RotokasAudio New Testament112,000
SadriAudio New Testament45,131,000
SafeyokaAudio New Testament14,700
SalibaAudio New Testament13,000
SamAudio New Testament1700
SamberigiAudio New Testament15,100
Saniyo-HiyeweAudio New Testament11,800
SaposaAudio New Testament12,000
SarAudio New Testament1339,000
SawiyanuAudio New Testament1500
SeimatAudio New Testament11,400
SelaruAudio New Testament19,200
SelepetAudio New Testament17,200
Sena, MalawiAudio New Testament1805,000
Senoufo, CebaaraAudio New Testament31,320,000
Senoufo, NyarafoloAudio New Testament166,000
Senoufo, TagwanaAudio New Testament1211,000
SerbianAudio New Testament5910,261,000
Serer-SineAudio New Testament31,712,000
SeriAudio New Testament1800
Seychelles Creole FrenchAudio New Testament480,000
ShambalaAudio New Testament1565,000
ShorAudio New Testament62,900
ShuaAudio New Testament16,800
SiangAudio New Testament197,000
SimteAudio New Testament112,000
SinaugoroAudio New Testament125,000
SioAudio New Testament13,000
SiroiAudio New Testament11,700
SissalaAudio New Testament125,000
Songhay, Koyraboro SenniAudio New Testament5516,000
SopAudio New Testament12,900
StoneyAudio New Testament13,200
SuauAudio New Testament27,800
Subanen, NorthernAudio New Testament190,000
Subanon, WesternAudio New Testament1129,000
SuenaAudio New Testament14,900
SukumaAudio New Testament28,130,000
SulkaAudio New Testament13,500
SursurungaAudio New Testament15,000
Swahili, CongoAudio New Testament22,043,000
SylhetiAudio New Testament3010,020,000
TabasaranAudio New Testament4126,000
TaboAudio New Testament13,500
TacanaAudio New Testament11,200
TadoAudio New Testament13,600
Tagbanwa, CalamianAudio New Testament111,000
Tairora, NorthAudio New Testament15,000
TajioAudio New Testament116,000
TakiaAudio New Testament225,000
TakuuAudio New Testament12,200
TalyshAudio New Testament8226,000
TamasheqAudio New Testament3500,000
Tamazight, Central AtlasAudio New Testament124,740,000
Tarahumara, WesternAudio New Testament19,200
TarifitAudio New Testament84,399,000
TaupotaAudio New Testament11,700
TawalaAudio New Testament110,000
TehitAudio New Testament112,000
TeiwaAudio New Testament14,200
TelefolAudio New Testament15,600
TemAudio New Testament3390,000
TemboAudio New Testament1252,000
TenggerAudio New Testament194,000
TenharimAudio New Testament4400
Tepehua, HuehuetlaAudio New Testament15,000
Tepehuan, NorthernAudio New Testament19,600
Tepehuan, SoutheasternAudio New Testament212,000
TetelaAudio New Testament11,419,000
TewaAudio New Testament11,800
Tharu, DangauraAudio New Testament2797,000
TimbeAudio New Testament119,000
TinputzAudio New Testament15,400
Tiwa, SouthernAudio New Testament11,900
TlichoAudio New Testament11,700
ToaripiAudio New Testament125,000
TobaAudio New Testament332,000
Toba-MaskoyAudio New Testament11,300
TobangaAudio New Testament146,000
Tohono O'odhamAudio New Testament214,000
TomaAudio New Testament1261,000
TondanoAudio New Testament19,600
TonganAudio New Testament14190,000
TonseaAudio New Testament1700
Torres Strait CreoleAudio New Testament26,200
TotoAudio New Testament11,400
Totonac, PapantlaAudio New Testament1133,000
TrinitarioAudio New Testament13,100
Triqui, ChicahuaxtlaAudio New Testament25,600
Triqui, CopalaAudio New Testament233,000
TsakhurAudio New Testament222,000
TshuwauAudio New Testament27,100
TsikimbaAudio New Testament1126,000
TsimaneAudio New Testament17,300
TsogoAudio New Testament19,000
Tuma-IrumuAudio New Testament11,500
TumzabtAudio New Testament2158,000
TungagAudio New Testament116,000
TurkaAudio New Testament158,000
TuvanAudio New Testament6297,000
Uab MetoAudio New Testament6735,000
UbirAudio New Testament23,500
UdiAudio New Testament66,200
UdmurtAudio New Testament7335,000
UmanakainaAudio New Testament12,800
UniAudio New Testament1700
UrhoboAudio New Testament11,050,000
UsanAudio New Testament12,400
UsarufaAudio New Testament11,200
UspantekoAudio New Testament15,100
UyghurAudio New Testament449,550,000
VaglaAudio New Testament114,000
VaiAudio New Testament2209,000
VidundaAudio New Testament112,000
Vincentian English CreoleAudio New Testament2108,000
Virgin Islands English CreoleAudio New Testament391,000
VunjoAudio New Testament114,000
VuteAudio New Testament232,000
VwanjiAudio New Testament142,000
Wa, ParaukAudio New Testament4862,000
WaffaAudio New Testament12,000
WaimaAudio New Testament212,000
WalaAudio New Testament110,000
WameyAudio New Testament250,000
WantoatAudio New Testament28,000
WaraoAudio New Testament633,000
WarisAudio New Testament23,000
WaskiaAudio New Testament123,000
We SouthernAudio New Testament1422,000
WedauAudio New Testament22,700
WelshAudio New Testament8570,000
WeriAudio New Testament15,500
WersingAudio New Testament14,500
WhitesandsAudio New Testament110,000
Wik-MungkanAudio New Testament1500
WipiAudio New Testament13,300
WituAudio New Testament120,000
WolayttaAudio New Testament22,380,000
WolioAudio New Testament272,000
WolofAudio New Testament145,926,000
Wuvulu-AuaAudio New Testament11,600
XavanteAudio New Testament119,000
XerenteAudio New Testament12,600
YabemAudio New Testament15,000
YaguaAudio New Testament25,300
YakutAudio New Testament2462,000
YalaAudio New Testament1264,000
YamdenaAudio New Testament133,000
YaquiAudio New Testament221,000
YarebaAudio New Testament11,200
YauAudio New Testament12,400
YaweyuhaAudio New Testament12,300
YeleAudio New Testament15,000
YemsaAudio New Testament1105,000
Yessan-MayoAudio New Testament22,700
Yiddish, EasternAudio New Testament11370,000
YomAudio New Testament1214,000
YombeAudio New Testament3734,000
YongkomAudio New Testament18,400
YopnoAudio New Testament48,000
YuiAudio New Testament115,000
YukpaAudio New Testament46,000
YuracareAudio New Testament11,800
ZaiwaAudio New Testament2122,000
ZanakiAudio New Testament197,000
Zapotec, AmatlanAudio New Testament112,000
Zapotec, CajonosAudio New Testament26,700
Zapotec, ChoapanAudio New Testament113,000
Zapotec, MixtepecAudio New Testament19,700
Zapotec, OcotlanAudio New Testament220,000
Zapotec, OzolotepecAudio New Testament19,200
Zapotec, Quioquitani-QuieriAudio New Testament15,600
Zapotec, Santa Maria QuiegolaniAudio New Testament12,400
Zapotec, Santo Domingo AlbarradaAudio New Testament19,500
Zapotec, Southern RinconAudio New Testament217,000
Zapotec, Western Tlacolula ValleAudio New Testament328,000
Zapotec, YatzachiAudio New Testament13,500
Zapotec, ZoogochoAudio New Testament21,000
ZaramoAudio New Testament1Unknown
Zazaki, SouthernAudio New Testament11,280,000
Zhuang, YongbeiAudio New Testament12,069,000
ZiaAudio New Testament26,600
ZigulaAudio New Testament2442,000
ZinzaAudio New Testament1205,000
Zoque, Francisco LeonAudio New Testament128,000
ZuluAudio New Testament712,070,000
Totals: 705 Languages 3,465 727,561,000
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Testament recordings that may be available.
Hu of China
Population:  1,100
Status: Unreached
Uygur, Yutian of China
Population:  70,000
Status: Unreached
Aguri of India
Population:  612,000
Status: Unreached
Tibetan, Boyu of China
Population:  4,300
Status: Unreached
Nuristani, Waigeli of Afghanistan
Population:  33,000
Status: Unreached
Hmong Shua, Sinicized of China
Population:  353,000
Status: Unreached

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Unreached Peoples Fact
The Nai of India have 93 alternate names, and the Kalal have 86 alternate names.  More Mission Facts ...

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