Volunteer Opportunities

Joshua Project is a non-profit Christian ministry focused on gathering and distributing information about the world's least-reached ethnic people groups.

All Joshua Project staff raise their own personal support or are self-funded volunteers. We are unable to offer compensation to any volunteers. Most of these opportunities can be done remotely. We welcome inquiries regarding staff and volunteer opportunities.

  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Photos

People Profile Writer

Help raise up daily prayer for people groups by writing unreached people profiles.

Why not start immediately by writing a profile for the following groups? When these are completed we will have text for each of the 100 largest unreached peoples.

Be Radical:  Every day thousands of folks receive an e-mail focused on a specific unreached people group. Right now we have 366 (one for every day of the year, including leap year). Why not help us write the next 366?.

Visit www.unreachedoftheday.org to learn more about the Unreached of the Day.


We are looking for those who can help translate the following items into Spanish, French, German, Korean and other languages:

  • Countries names
  • People group names
  • Prayer cards
  • Profiles of people groups
  • Resources for downloads

To see what resources are available in what languages, click here. Please contact us if you plan to do translation so we can avoid duplication of efforts.

Be Radical:  Help us translate the existing set of 366 Unreached People of the Day prayer profiles into a new language. Speakers of that language can then get the Unreached People of the Day by daily email. Contact us if you can help.

Photo Researcher

Pictures of the people groups really help us connect with them in a special way. Help us in our ongoing search for people group photos.

You'll know we need a photo if you see the "Send us a photo" image, such as the one here. Or view our country listings such as the one for Afghanistan. The absence of a letter "P" on the right indicates no photo for that people group.

Images ought to be:

  • Close-up quality color images of individuals
  • Representative of the people group and not very young or very old
  • Have permission to use the image is a must

Be Radical:  Try to find a photo for all the people groups in one or two countries that are missing one. Or what about doing some traveling to take an original photo of a people group or two?

Any of this sound interesting?  We need some radical help!  Please contact us.

Tibetan, Boyu of China
Population:  4,300
Status: Unreached
Nuristani, Waigeli of Afghanistan
Population:  33,000
Status: Unreached
Aguri of India
Population:  612,000
Status: Unreached
Hu of China
Population:  1,100
Status: Unreached
Uygur, Yutian of China
Population:  70,000
Status: Unreached
Hmong Shua, Sinicized of China
Population:  353,000
Status: Unreached

Largest Unreached

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