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Deaf Cluster – People Groups
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Population Least Reached Progress Scale # Peoples by Ctry # Unreached Peoples % Peoples Unreached Primary Religion Ethnic Code Photo
Deaf48,207,0002 2163918.1 % Christianity 
Totals:  1 Peoples 48,207,000 3 216 39 18.1 %  Christianity   73
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Deaf Cluster – People Progress

% of People Groups [1]
% of Population in People Group [1] [2]
Progress Level Peoples % of Peoples Population % of Population [2]
  1 - Unreached 39 18.1 % 8,514,000 17.7 %
  2 - Minimally reached 42 19.4 % 24,350,000 50.5 %
  3 - Superficially reached 134 62.0 % 14,165,000 29.4 %
  4 - Partially reached 0 0.0 % 0 0.0 %
  5 - Significantly reached 1 0.5 % 1,178,000 2.4 %
Totals 216   48,207,000  

  1. Small Values: Values less than .3% are not shown on pie charts for labeling clarity.
  2. % of Population in People Group:  The percentage of the population that lives in a people group at each progress level. Not every person living in an unreached people group is necessarily unreached.
Deaf Cluster – People Photos   *** Note:  Only people groups with photos available are displayed here.***

Deaf of Portugal 

Deaf of Panama 

Deaf of Peru 

Deaf of Paraguay 

Deaf of South Sudan 

Deaf of Nicaragua 

Deaf of Nepal 

Deaf of Nigeria 

Deaf of Mozambique 

Deaf of Malaysia 

Deaf of Mexico 

Deaf of Morocco 

Deaf of North Macedonia 

Deaf of Madagascar 

Deaf of Slovakia 

Deaf of Liberia 

Deaf of Romania 

Deaf of Philippines 

Deaf of Vietnam 

Deaf of St Vincent and Grenadines 

Deaf of Uzbekistan 

Deaf of Ukraine 

Deaf of Uganda 

Deaf of Tanzania 

Deaf of Taiwan 

Deaf of East Timor 

Deaf of Tunisia 

Deaf of Thailand 

Deaf of Sudan 

Deaf of Spain 

Deaf of South Africa 

Deaf of Saudi Arabia 

Deaf of Russia 

Deaf of Puerto Rico 

Deaf of Kuwait 

Deaf of Kenya 

Deaf of Jordan 

Deaf of Denmark 

Deaf of Northern Mariana Islands 

Deaf of Colombia 

Deaf of Chile 

Deaf of China 

Deaf of Burundi 

Deaf of Bulgaria 

Deaf of Brazil 

Deaf of Solomon Islands 

Deaf of Myanmar (Burma) 

Deaf of Bolivia 

Deaf of Belize 

Deaf of Bangladesh 

Deaf of Austria 

Deaf of Argentina 

Deaf of Angola 

Deaf of Dominican Republic 

Deaf of Ecuador 

Deaf of Jamaica 

Deaf of Japan 

Deaf of Israel 

Deaf of Iran 

Deaf of India 

Deaf of Indonesia 

Deaf of Hungary 

Deaf of Honduras 

Deaf of Guatemala 

Deaf of Grenada 

Deaf of Ghana 

Deaf of Gambia 

Deaf of Fiji 

Deaf of Czechia 

Deaf of Ethiopia 

Deaf of El Salvador 

Deaf of Azerbaijan 

Deaf People Photos   *** Note:  Only people groups with photos available are displayed here.***
Deaf Cluster – Languages
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Audio NT
Afghan Sign Languageafg11Trans Needed
Albanian Sign Languagesqk22Trans Needed
Algerian Sign Languageasp11Trans Needed
American Sign Languagease66Complete
Argentine Sign Languageaed11Trans Started
Armenian Sign Languageaen11Portions
Austrian Sign Languageasq11Trans Needed
Bolivian Sign Languagebvl11Trans Started
Brazilian Sign Languagebzs11Portions
British Sign Languagebfi11Portions
Bulgarian Sign Languagebqn11Portions
Burundian Sign Languagelsb11Portions
Cambodian Sign Languagecsx11Portions
Chadian Sign Languagecds11Trans Needed
Chilean Sign Languagecsg11Trans Started
Chinese Sign Languagecsl11Trans Needed
Colombian Sign Languagecsn11Portions
Costa Rican Sign Languagecsr11Portions
Croatian Sign Languagecsq22Trans Started
Cuban Sign Languagecsf11Portions
Czech Sign Languagecse11Trans Started
Danish Sign Languagedsl11Portions
Dominican Sign Languagedoq11Trans Started
Ecuadorian Sign Languageecs11Trans Started
Egyptian Sign Languageesl11Portions
Estonian Sign Languageeso11Trans Needed
Ethiopian Sign Languageeth11Portions
Filipino Sign Languagepsp11Portions
Finnish Sign Languagefse11Portions
French Belgian Sign Languagesfb11Trans Needed
French Sign Languagefsl22Portions
German Sign Languagegsg11Portions
Ghanaian Sign Languagegse11Portions
Greek Sign Languagegss11Trans Needed
Guatemalan Sign Languagegsm11Trans Started
Guinean Sign Languagegus11Trans Needed
Hanoi Sign Languagehab11Unspecified
Honduran Sign Languagehds11Trans Started
Hong Kong Sign Languagehks22Trans Started
Hungarian Sign Languagehsh11Portions
Icelandic Sign Languageicl11Trans Needed
Indian Sign Languageins11Unspecified
Indonesian Sign Languageinl11Trans Started
Iranian Sign Languagepsc11Portions
Irish Sign Languageisg11Trans Needed
Israeli Sign Languageisr11Portions
Italian Sign Languageise11Trans Needed
Jamaican Sign Languagejls11Trans Needed
Japanese Sign Languagejsl11Portions
Jordanian Sign Languagejos11Portions
Kenyan Sign Languagexki11Portions
Korean Sign Languagekvk11Portions
Language unknownxxx9292Unspecified
Laos Sign Languagelso11Trans Needed
Latvian Sign Languagelsl11Trans Started
Libyan Sign Languagelbs11Trans Needed
Lithuanian Sign Languagells11Portions
Malagasy Sign Languagemzc11Trans Needed
Malawian Sign Languagelws11Trans Needed
Malaysian Sign Languagexml11Portions
Maltese Sign Languagemdl11Portions
Mauritian Sign Languagelsy11Trans Needed
Mexican Sign Languagemfs11Portions
Moldova Sign Languagevsi11Portions
Mongolian Sign Languagemsr11Unspecified
Moroccan Sign Languagexms11Trans Needed
Mozambican Sign Languagemzy11Portions
Myanmar Sign Languageysm11Portions
Namibian Sign Languagenbs11Trans Needed
Nepalese Sign Languagensp11Unspecified
New Zealand Sign Languagenzs11Portions
Nicaraguan Sign Languagencs11Trans Started
Nigerian Sign Languagensi11Portions
Norwegian Sign Languagensl11Portions
Pakistan Sign Languagepks11Trans Needed
Panamanian Sign Languagelsp11Trans Needed
Papua New Guinean Sign Languagepgz11Trans Started
Paraguayan Sign Languagepys11Portions
Peruvian Sign Languageprl11Trans Started
Polish Sign Languagepso11Trans Needed
Portuguese Sign Languagepsr22Trans Needed
Puerto Rican Sign Languagepsl11Trans Needed
Romanian Sign Languagerms11Portions
Russian Sign Languagersl22Portions
Salvadoran Sign Languageesn11Trans Started
Saudi Arabian Sign Languagesdl11Trans Needed
Sierra Leone Sign Languagesgx11Trans Needed
Sign Language of the Netherlandsdse11Trans Started
Singapore Sign Languagesls11Trans Needed
Slovakian Sign Languagesvk11Trans Started
Slovenian Sign Languageysl22Unspecified
Solomon Islands Sign Languageszs11Trans Needed
South African Sign Languagesfs11Portions
Spanish Sign Languagessp11Portions
Sri Lankan Sign Languagesqs11Portions
Swedish Sign Languageswl11Portions
Swiss-German Sign Languagesgg11Trans Needed
Taiwan Sign Languagetss11Trans Started
Tanzanian Sign Languagetza11Portions
Tebul Sign Languagetsy11Trans Needed
Thai Sign Languagetsq11Portions
Trinidad and Tobago Sign Languagelst11Trans Needed
Tunisian Sign Languagetse11Trans Needed
Turkish Sign Languagetsm11Trans Needed
Ugandan Sign Languageugn11Portions
Ukrainian Sign Languageukl11Portions
Uruguayan Sign Languageugy11Trans Started
Venezuelan Sign Languagevsl11Trans Started
West Bengal Sign Languagewbs11Unspecified
Zambian Sign Languagezsl11Trans Needed
Zimbabwe Sign Languagezib11Trans Needed
Totals: 113 216 216   48 10 15 1 1
Data Notes
Data Sources
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Deaf Cluster – Religions

No Data Available

Deaf Cluster – Details
Affinity Bloc Deaf
Population 48,207,000
Peoples (by Country) 216
Gateway / Largest People Deaf
Languages 113
Largest Language Indian Sign Language
Primary Religion Christianity
% Professing Christian 29.4%
% Evangelical 0.5%
Cluster Progress Level 3 

Peoples Count   Population  
Peoples (by Country) 216   48,207,000  
Peoples in 10/40 Window 68 (31.5%) 35,132,000 (72.9%)
Unreached Peoples 39 (18.1%) 8,514,000 (17.7%)

Regions Peoples   Population  
Africa, East and Southern27(12.5%)5,651,000(11.7%)
Africa, North and Middle East19(8.8%)2,563,000(5.3%)
Africa, West and Central24(11.1%)5,546,000(11.5%)
America, Latin21(9.7%)3,171,000(6.6%)
America, North and Caribbean26(12.0%)1,055,000(2.2%)
Asia, Central10(4.6%)1,780,000(3.7%)
Asia, Northeast8(3.7%)7,917,000(16.4%)
Asia, South7(3.2%)13,719,000(28.5%)
Asia, Southeast11(5.1%)4,792,000(9.9%)
Australia and Pacific16(7.4%)176,000(0.4%)
Europe, Eastern and Eurasia23(10.6%)1,006,000(2.1%)
Europe, Western24(11.1%)831,000(1.7%)

Resources Peoples   Population  
Complete Bible 7 (3.2%) 927,000 (1.9%)
New Testament 7 (3.2%) 927,000 (1.9%)
Portions 55 (25.5%) 14,071,000 (29.2%)
Online Audio NT 18 (8.3%) 6,437,000 (13.4%)
Jesus Film 21 (9.7%) 4,477,000 (9.3%)
Gospel Recordings 1 (0.5%) 5,900 (0.0%)

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