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Zauzou in China


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Zauzou in China map
Population [2] Language Religion % Christian % Evangl Online NT Jesus Film Progress
3,800 Zauzou Ethnic Religions 5.00 % 3.37 % No No   

Zauzou in China

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Introduction / History
The Zauzou have been officially included in the Nu minority in China, but they speak a different dialect from other Nu communities. A visitor in the 1920s commented on the dire state of the Zauzou, "They live solely on corn, their staple food, which they use for making a liquor of which they drink a great deal."

In the eighth century the whole of western Yunnan Province came under the control of the Nanzhao Kingdom. During the Yuan and Ming dynasties (1271-1644), Nanzhao came under the control of a Naxi headman in Lijiang. The Zauzou in Lanping County are the most Sinicized of the Nu groups in China. Prior to 1949 "their methods of production and standard of living were similar to those of the Hans, Bais, and Naxis."

What are their lives like?
The various Nu groups bury a man on his back with straightened limbs, while a woman is laid on her side with bent limbs. If both the husband and wife are buried together, the wife's body is bent toward her husband, symbolizing her submission. They announce deaths with the loud blowing of bamboo trumpets. The number of trumpet blasts is determined by the age and status of the deceased—one for an unmarried man, two for a married man, three for a married man with children, five or six for a village elder or clan leader. All the villagers go to the house of the deceased and mourn with the grieving family.

What are their beliefs?
For centuries the Zauzou have been animists. They slavishly worshiped the sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, trees, and rocks. In recent decades the practice of animism has subsided due to pressure from the communist authorities who brand it "superstition." There are also believed to be a small number of Christians among the Zauzou.

During the Korean War the communists showed films of the war in one village, hoping to create anti-American fervor. However, the people responded, "American missionaries created written characters for us, enabling our adults and children to read and write. They told us about the benefits of believing in Jesus and abolishing superstition. They educated us to work hard and live thriftily. ... They have done so much good for us, we have been constantly concerned about them after they left. How could we say anything against them?"

What are their needs?
The Zauzou people need to put their trust and identity in the hands of the loving God of Creation who sent his son to make it possible for them to enter the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Points
Pray for the spiritual blindness and bondage to the evil one to be removed so they can understand and respond to Christ.

Pray for the Lord to provide for their physical and spiritual needs as a testimony of his power and love.

Pray the Zauzou people will have a spiritual hunger that will open their hearts to the King of kings.

Pray for an unstoppable movement to Christ among them.
* Pray for translation of the Bible to begin in this people group's primary language.
* Pray for the availability of the Jesus Film in the primary language of this people.
* Pray for Gospel messages to become available in audio format for this people group.

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Country: China
Continent: Asia
Region: Asia, Northeast
Persecution Rank:16 (Only top 50 ranked, 1 = highest persecution ranking)
10/40 Window: Yes
Location in Country:More than 2,500 Zauzou live in the mountainous Lanping and Lushui counties in northwestern Yunnan Province. The Zauzou are the most southern of the several Nu groups in China. The mighty Nujiang and Lancang rivers roar through the region, forming two sizable obstacles to travel in the area. The Nujiang rages up to 180,000 cubic feet per second during the rainy season, causing massive landslides.
(Source: Operation China, 2000)
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  Peoples [3]
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People Name in Country: Zauzou
People Name General: Zauzou
Alternate People Names:
ROP3 Code: 111158
Joshua Project People ID: 16092
Indigenous: Yes
Population in Country: 3,800
Population all Countries: 3,800
Least-Reached: No
Affinity Bloc: Tibetan-Himalayan Peoples
People Cluster: Tibeto-Burman, other
People Name General: Zauzou
Ethnic Code: MSY50i
Ethnic Relationships: Affinity Bloc -> People Cluster -> Peoples Ethnicity Tree
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Primary Language: Zauzou (3,800 Speakers)
Language Code (ISO): zal    Ethnologue Listing
Total Languages: 1
Religion [4]
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Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
Major Religions:
Buddhism0.00 % 
Christianity5.00 %(Evangelical: 3.37 %)
Ethnic Religions90.00 % 
Hinduism0.00 % 
Islam0.00 % 
Non-Religious5.00 % 
Other / Small0.00 % 
Unknown0.00 % 
Christianity Segments:
Anglican0.00 %
Independent0.00 %
Protestant0.00 %
Orthodox0.00 %
Other Christian0.00 %
Roman Catholic0.00 %
(Evangelicals distributed across Christianity segments)
Progress Indicators [5]
Progress Scale[6]   Evangelicals have a modest presence.
Least-Reached: No
GSEC Status:Level 4   Greater than or equal to 2% Evangelical
Bible Translation Status
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Bible Portions: Help start a Bible Translation
New Testament: None Reported
Complete Bible: None Reported
Ministry Resources [7]
None Reported
Ministry Activity
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Zauzou in China

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