People Group Selector - Help
1. Enter your criteria by selecting values in the dropdown boxes. The Population, % Professing Christian and % Evangelical fields require two entries. First select an operator such as "Equals" or "Greater than" and then enter a number in the box to the right.

2. Choose the desired number of results per page. Selecting "All" can cause a delay in loading results with thousands of records. For large data sets try limiting the number of results per page.

3. Click one of the buttons:
  • Listing - results displayed as a sortable list
  • Map - results displayed on a Google map
  • Cards - results displayed as PDF prayer cards
4. If no results are displayed, click Clear and change the criteria.

5. Sort the results list by clicking the column headings.

6. Prayer cards will be generated in the listing sort order.

7. Please see the Pre-made Queries for samples. These can also be useful as starting templates for your own querying.

a) The screen will refresh when you select a Region. This is to restrict the list of Countries to only the selected Region.

b) The red asterisk indicates unknown or incomplete data and results may not represent the total global picture.