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Country Population Indig % Evangl % Chr Adherent Least Reached Progress Level 10/40 Win Primary Religion Bible Status Jesus Film Audio
BalauMalaysia11,000Y15.00%90.00%5 YChristianityBibleYY
Dayak, KendayanIndonesia381,000Y12.00%45.00%5 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsYY
Dayak, KendayanMalaysia16,000Y0.40%8.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsYY
Dayak, MaanyakIndonesia191,000Y3.00%25.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsNTYY
Dayak, NgajuIndonesia1,153,000Y17.70%80.00%5 YChristianityBibleYY
Dayak, SarawakMalaysia29,000Y4.84%15.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsNTYY
Dusun, BunduMalaysia71,000Y5.00%70.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Dusun, CentralMalaysia206,000Y7.00%75.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Dusun, KadazanMalaysia76,000Y6.00%27.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
Dusun, Kuala MonsokMalaysia300Y4.00%70.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Dusun, SungaiMalaysia51,000Y7.00%40.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Dusun, TambunanMalaysia23,000Y4.00%65.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Dusun, TempasukMalaysia16,000Y7.00%25.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
Jagoi-BisingaiMalaysia10,000Y0.50%8.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsNTYY
Kadazan, CentralMalaysia34,000Y10.00%30.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
Kota Marudu TinagasMalaysia2,900Y5.00%22.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
MualangIndonesia47,000Y4.00%55.00%4 YChristianityPortionsYY
Sea Dayak, IbanBrunei21,000Y16.00%18.00%5 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
Sea Dayak, IbanIndonesia20,000Y4.00%55.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Sea Dayak, IbanMalaysia718,000Y14.00%42.00%5 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
Totals:  20 Peoples 3,077,000 20     0   20     20 20
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