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Country Population Indig % Evangl % Chr Adherent Least Reached Progress Level 10/40 Win Primary Religion Bible Status Jesus Film Audio
Bukar Sadong, TebakaIndonesia11,000Y1.00%15.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans StartedY
BurusuIndonesia5,300Y1.00%30.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans StartedY
Dayak, TamanIndonesia35,000Y1.00%10.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans NeededY
Kayan, Busang Indonesia5,400Y2.00%12.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans NeededY
Land Dayak, BekatiIndonesia6,400Y1.00%18.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsY
Land Dayak, BenyaduIndonesia63,000Y2.00%20.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsY
Land Dayak, BiatahIndonesia11,000Y2.00%12.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsBible
Land Dayak, LaraIndonesia15,000Y2.00%10.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsY
MabaIndonesia12,000Y0.00%15.00%2 YIslamTrans Needed
PutohIndonesia11,000Y1.00%10.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
Sajau BasapIndonesia11,000Y2.00%25.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans NeededY
SeberuangIndonesia43,000Y1.00%10.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans NeededY
Berawan, EastMalaysia1,200Y0.80%6.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Started
BintuluMalaysia11,000Y1.00%12.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
BonggiMalaysia5,200Y1.50%18.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortions
Dayak, KendayanMalaysia15,000Y0.40%8.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsYY
DumpasMalaysia4,100Y0.40%6.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsUnspecified
Jagoi-BisingaiMalaysia10,000Y0.50%8.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsYY
Kenyah, SibopMalaysia4,600Y2.00%10.00%2 YIslamTrans Needed
MillikinMalaysia4,700Y2.00%18.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
Murut, KalabakanMalaysia3,200Y1.00%10.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsUnspecified
Murut, PaluanMalaysia4,700Y0.60%8.00%2 YIslamTrans Started
Murut, PandewanMalaysia1,800Y0.60%6.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Started
Murut, SerudungMalaysia1,000Y1.00%8.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsUnspecified
Punan Bah-BiauMalaysia1,200Y2.00%16.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
SebuyauMalaysia9,300Y0.40%6.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
Tampias LobuMalaysia4,100Y2.00%18.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
TatanaMalaysia23,000Y0.50%14.00%2 YEthnic ReligionsPortions
Totals:  28 Peoples 333,000 28     0   28     2 11
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