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Country Population Indig % Evangl % Chr Adherent Least Reached Progress Level 10/40 Win Primary Religion Bible Status Jesus Film Audio
AkaSudan1,200Y5.20%6.00%4 YIslamUnspecified
Arab, EgyptianSudan761,0003.00%9.00%4 YIslamBibleYY
ArmenianSudan1,7008.70%94.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Baya, GbayaSudan16,0008.00%65.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Berta, BenishangulSudan255,000Y3.00%8.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsY
Chinese, generalSudan6,9009.00%15.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsBibleYY
El HugeiratSudan3,300Y2.20%2.20%4 YIslamUnspecified
GanzaSudan3,900Y2.50%2.60%4 YEthnic ReligionsTrans Needed
Gula, KaraSudan2,4006.00%20.00%4 YIslamTrans Needed
Gumuz, ShanqillaSudan103,000Y3.00%12.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsNTYY
Heiban, EbangSudan12,000Y9.00%70.00%4 YChristianityNTYY
JuleSudan2,600Y2.20%2.20%4 YIslamNTYY
Kadugli, ArabizedSudan260,000Y4.00%8.00%4 YIslamNTYY
KoalibSudan121,000Y3.00%55.00%4 YChristianityNTYY
KreshSudan32,0005.00%30.00%4 YIslamNTYY
KunamaSudan28,0005.00%25.00%4 YIslamBibleYY
KuraanSudan45,000Y5.00%20.00%4 YIslamNTYY
Laru, Al-leiraSudan49,000Y4.00%70.00%4 YChristianityNTYY
Me'enSudan2,80010.00%25.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsPortionsYY
Moro, DhimorongSudan84,000Y4.00%70.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
Oromo, Wellega / MecSudan112,0003.00%20.00%4 YIslamBibleYY
Tigray, TigrinyaSudan56,0006.00%90.00%4 YChristianityBibleYY
UdukSudan25,000Y3.00%22.00%4 YEthnic ReligionsNTYY
YuluSudan7,6007.00%40.00%4 YChristianityTrans Needed
Totals:  24 Peoples 1,991,000 13     0   24     18 19
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