Sri Lanka – Other / Very Small Groups

Groups reported, but outside the Small People Group Policy conditions. Some may not be viable.

The groups listed below are not included in overall Joshua Project people group counts.

For possible further information about these groups, please contact us.

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Progress Scale:  
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People Groups Population Least Reached Progress Scale Primary Religion Primary Language
AhmadiUnknownY1.0 IslamLanguage Unknown
Ahmadi100Y1.0 IslamUrdu
Arora (Hindu traditions)500Y1.0 HinduismPunjabi, Eastern
Bagdi (Hindu traditions)500Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Bairagi (Hindu traditions)400Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Bauri300Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Darzi (Hindu traditions)200Y1.0 HinduismHindi
Dhobi, HinduUnknownNUnknownHinduismLanguage Unknown
Goan Catholic400N2.0 ChristianityKonkani, Goan
Gujar (Hindu traditions)300Y1.0 HinduismPunjabi, Eastern
Gujar (Muslim traditions)200Y1.0 IslamPunjabi, Eastern
Japanese200Y1.0 Other / SmallJapanese
Jat (Sikh traditions)400Y1.0 Other / SmallPunjabi, Eastern
Jat, Hindu400Y1.0 HinduismPanjabi, Eastern
Javanese100Y1.0 IslamLanguage Unknown
JewUnknownY1.0 Ethnic ReligionsMalayalam
Jogi (Hindu traditions)500Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Kayastha (Hindu traditions)300Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Khatri (Hindu traditions)300Y1.0 HinduismPunjabi, Eastern
KhojaUnknownY1.0 IslamGujarati
Koli (Hindu traditions)100Y1.0 HinduismGujarati
Kumhar (Hindu traditions)500N2.0 HinduismTamil
Kunbi (Hindu traditions)400Y1.0 HinduismHindi
Kunbi, Hindu200Y1.0 HinduismMarathi
Kurmi (Hindu traditions)400Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Madagascar migrantUnknownNUnknownUnknownMalagasy, Plateau
Madari400Y1.0 IslamSindhi
Madiga (Hindu traditions)300Y1.0 HinduismTelugu
Mahratta400Y1.0 HinduismMarathi
Mahratta300Y1.0 HinduismMarathi
Mala (Hindu traditions)300Y1.0 HinduismTelugu
Malabar Catholic300N3.0 ChristianityMalayalam
Mappila500Y1.0 IslamMalayalam
MoghalUnknownY1.0 IslamUrdu
PersianUnknownY1.0 IslamFarsi, Eastern (Dari)
Persian100Y1.0 IslamPersian, Iranian
Pinjara200Y1.0 IslamUrdu
Pod200Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Rajbansi (Hindu traditions)200Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Rajput200Y1.0 HinduismTelugu
Rajput (Sikh traditions)200Y1.0 Other / SmallHindi
SayyidUnknownY1.0 IslamUrdu
Shaikh100Y1.0 IslamTamil
Sindh Muslim400Y1.0 IslamSindhi
SomaliUnknownY1.0 IslamSomali
Somalia100Y1.0 IslamSomali
Syrian Christian100N2.0 ChristianityMalayalam
Tai Shan, BuddhistUnknownY1.0 BuddhismLanguage Unknown
Tanti (Hindu traditions)300Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Tili200Y1.0 HinduismBengali
Vaddar (Hindu traditions)200Y1.0 HinduismTelugu
Total Groups:   51  

For more information see the Joshua Project Small People Group Policy.