United States – Other / Very Small Groups

Groups reported, but outside the Small People Group Policy conditions. Some may not be viable.

The groups listed below are not included in overall Joshua Project people group counts.

For possible further information about these groups, please contact us.

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People Groups Population Least Reached Progress Scale Primary Religion Primary Language
Aceh100Y1.0 IslamAceh
Afar300Y1.0 IslamAfar
Assamese200Y1.0 HinduismAssamese
Azerbaijani, North200Y1.0 IslamAzerbaijani, North
Bali200Y1.0 HinduismBali
Baloch, Southern300Y1.0 IslamBalochi, Southern
Berber, Imazighen100Y1.0 IslamTamazight, Central Atlas
BraoUnknownY1.0 Ethnic ReligionsLave
BretonUnknownN2.0 ChristianityBreton
Chechen200Y1.0 IslamChechen
Fang300N5.0 ChristianityFang
Franco-Guianese, mixed300N4.0 ChristianityGuianese Creole French
Han Chinese, Hakka400N4.0 Non-ReligiousChinese, Hakka
Han Chinese, Min Dong500N4.0 Non-ReligiousChinese, Min Dong
Javanese500N4.0 IslamJavanese
Jew, Spanish200Y1.0 Ethnic ReligionsLadino
Jew, Spanish Speaking100Y1.0 Ethnic ReligionsSpanish
Kaliko200N4.0 ChristianityKeliko
Karen, other300N5.0 ChristianityKaren, S'gaw
Kashmiri Muslim200Y1.0 IslamKashmiri
Kazakh200Y1.0 IslamKazakh
Khamet, LametUnknownY1.0 Ethnic ReligionsLamet
Kiribertese, Gilbertese200N4.0 ChristianityKiribati
Kyrgyz100Y1.0 IslamKyrgyz
Luxemburger300N2.0 ChristianityLuxembourgeois
Magar500N4.0 Ethnic ReligionsMagar, Eastern
Malagasy300N4.0 ChristianityMalagasy, Plateau
Maldivian100Y1.0 IslamMaldivian
Maori300N5.0 ChristianityMaori
Miskito200N4.0 ChristianityMiskito
Mon400Y1.0 BuddhismMon
Purepecha300N2.0 ChristianityPurepecha
Rhaeto-Romanian100N2.0 ChristianityRomansch
ShanUnknownN3.0 BuddhismShan
Sotho300N5.0 ChristianitySotho, Southern
Tajik100Y1.0 IslamTajiki
Thai, NorthernUnknownN3.0 BuddhismThai, Northern
Thai, SouthernUnknownY1.0 BuddhismThai, Southern
Tuareg, AlgerianUnknownY1.0 IslamArabic, Algerian Saharan Spoken
Turkmen200Y1.0 IslamTurkmen
Total Groups:   40  

For more information see the Joshua Project Small People Group Policy.