Pisa, Awyu of Indonesia
People Name: Pisa, Awyu
Country: Indonesia
Language: Awyu, Asue
Population: 8,200
Unreached: No
People Cluster: New Guinea
Primary Religion: Christianity
% Adherents: 65.00 %
% Evangelical: 4.00 %
Progress Status: 4.0
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Introduction / History
It is estimated that less than half of the Awyu, Asue speakers have understood the gospel but there are Pentecostal and Bible fellowship churches and a number of Catholic churches in the area.

They primarily live by fishing, gardening, hunting, food-gathering, eaglewood logging in their lightly wooded home area. With their land at an altitude of less than 100 meters above sea level, the Awyu, Asue people can best be accessed by boat. Most of the villages are on the Kampung, Asue, and Emogon rivers. There is also an airstrip in Miaro. They enjoy dressing up traditionally with gourds and kasuari bird feathers to greet visitors. They also perform welcome dances with drums and arrows. There a few written songs in the Awyu, Asue language.

There are 2 junior high schools in the language area.

The women primarily gather food and garden. The clothing people wear is generally modern but rarely washed. The people eat fish, yams, sago, sago worms, pig, and vegetables. For tools the Awyu, Asue folks use knives, steel axes, and shovels. Houses are generally formed by log posts, with wooden floors, and plank or stem walls. They often also build and utilize a 2nd hunting home. The physical development in the area does not include roads but there are 3 SSB radios (in Eci, Kaibu, Homang) and a few folks use personal generators to make electricity. The people get their drinking water (which they sometimes boil) from either a river or wells. There are some health workers within the area and some clinics (8) but there is a lack of medicines and equipment. Malaria, skin and lung disease are common. The Awyu, Asue people have had the gospel of Mark on cassette but no film or videos in their language.

The Awyu, Asue are sometimes known as the Miaro or Pisa people.

Pisa, Awyu of Indonesia