Agamudaiyan of India
People Name: Agamudaiyan
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Population: 869,000
Unreached: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Hindu - other
Primary Religion: Hinduism
% Adherents: 0.51 %
% Evangelical: Unknown
Progress Status: 1.0
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Introduction / History
The Agamudaiyan of India in Tamil Nadu speak, read and write in Tamil. They eat rice and ragi (a nutritious cereal grain known as "finger millet"). Cross-cousin marriages are favored among them. They are endogamous (They avoid marrying with individuals outside of their group.). On the death of the father, property goes to the sons with the oldest son being in charge of the home. Women take part in social and religious matters. They have birth and marriage rituals. The dead are buried. They have traditional caste councils that settle disputes. Most work in agriculture though some are landless and are laborers.

Most of them are Hindus but there are some Christians who belong to varying Church denominations and who have both their boys and girls educated.

In Pondicherry, the Agamudaiyan are similar in a lot of ways to those in Tamil Nadu. They have their children educated. Family planning is used by them. They speak Tamil among themselves but Telugu with other Indians. They are not vegetarians and have adult marriages which are monogamous. Divorce is allowed for some things such as adultery. Men can marry again. Most are Hindus but there are some who follow Christianity.

Prayer Points
* Pray that the evangelicals among them will lead the others to Jesus Christ.
* Pray that the leaders of the councils will become Christians and lead the others among them to salvation too.

Agamudaiyan of India