Kachari Dimasa of India
People Name: Kachari Dimasa
Country: India
Language: Deori
Population: 172,000
Unreached: No
People Cluster: South Asia Tribal - other
Primary Religion: Hinduism
% Adherents: 6.07 %
% Evangelical: Unknown
Progress Status: 2.0
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Introduction / History
The Dimasa or Kachari Dimasa live in Assam in India. Dimasa means 'children of the big river' -- the Brahmaputra River. They belong to the Indo-Mongoloid people. Most live in the North Cachar Hills. They are well off financially. They do cane and bamboo crafts and also make textiles.

The Dimasa are Hindus and worship the Banglaraja as their main deity. Other deities are worshipped by them too. They build their houses on hill slopes near a river.

Music and dance are important to the Kachari Dimasa. They celebrate festivals. Cultivation is their main work. The dead are cremated by them by the side of a river or stream.

The Kachari Dimasa speak in Dimasa and can speak Hindi too.

Prayer Points
Pray that being well off does not get in the way of them accepting Jesus Christ.
Pray that gospel materials will bring them to Jesus Christ.

Kachari Dimasa of India