Khandait of India
People Name: Khandait
Country: India
Language: Odia
Population: 1,735,000
Unreached: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Forward Caste - other
Primary Religion: Hinduism
% Adherents: 0.05 %
% Evangelical: Unknown
Progress Status: 1.0
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Introduction / History
The Khandait live in India. They have a reputation for being great warriors.

In Orissa the Khandait read and write in Oriya. They have adult marriages which are arranged through discussion. Junior sororate sometimes takes place which means the husband can marry the sister of his wife, usually after death. Marriage is at the home of the bride. There are specific birth rituals and they cremate the dead. Inheritance is for the sons, with the oldest son taking charge of the home. They are landowners but employ others to work the land. Some are teachers and others work in business. They believe in family planning and education.

In West Bengal the Khandait came from Orissa. They are similar to those in Orissa but they speak, read and write in Bengali. Cultivation is their main work. They can marry with the Karan. Their literacy level is low so the gospel needs to be given in oral form here also.

Prayer Points
* Pray that God will give the Khandait dreams and visions leading them to Jesus Christ.
* Pray that gospel materials will bring the Khandait to Salvation too.

Khandait of India