Malabar Catholic of India
People Name: Malabar Catholic
Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Population: 2,621,000
Unreached: No
People Cluster: South Asia Christian
Primary Religion: Christianity
% Adherents: 100.00 %
% Evangelical: Unknown
Progress Status: 3.0
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Introduction / History
The Malabar Catholic in India live mainly in Kerala in Allepey, Quilon and Ernakulam. They have three sub-groups and speak, read and write in Malayalam. They are usually no more than medium height.

One of the sub-groups is the Munnttikar. They are monogamous and are not allowed to divorce, but the bereaved can marry again. They are not vegetarians and rice is their favorite cereal.

Water is the main source of finance for the Malabar Catholic in Allepey and Quillon while those in Ernakulam live off the land. Some earn money from fishing and industrial work.

The Malabar Catholic have a parish council with the church vicar in charge. These councils judge in disagreements and give advice. The Malabar are Roman Catholics. Horoscope reading is done by them. They have their children educated. They use traditional and modern medicine and do family planning.

Prayer Points
* Pray that the vicars and the people on parish councils come to Jesus Christ and lead others of the Malabar to Salvation.
* Pray that the Malabar Catholics will realize that they need to be born again.

Malabar Catholic of India