Nagarchi (Muslim traditions) of India
People Name: Nagarchi (Muslim traditions)
Country: India
Language: Sadri
Population: 200
Unreached: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Muslim - other
Primary Religion: Islam
% Adherents: 0.00 %
% Evangelical: 0.00 %
Progress Status: 1.0
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Introduction / History
The Nagarchi traditional community role has been to serve as drummers. They are often invited to play the drums during birth and marriage rituals. They have their own language, though most learn whatever the trade language is in their local community. That language is usually Bengali.
Most live in Bangladesh, but there is a much smaller community in neighboring India.

What are their lives like?
While the Nagarchi's traditional occupation was as drummers, today most Nagarchi work in agriculture and raising animals. As a general rule, a small number reside in villages with other castes. When their services are needed for special events, the Nagarchi people play their drums. Drums are more common for Hindu community events than Muslim ones.
The Nagarchi marry within their group but not within the same clan. Sons inherit an equal share of their father's property. Families arrange marriages with the consent of the young people. The newly married couple lives with or near the groom's parents.

What are their beliefs?
Most of the Nagarchi people are Hindus, but there is a Muslim minority among them, especially in Bangladesh. As often happens in South Asia, Hindu beliefs taint Islamic practices. They believe in Allah, the supreme God of Islam, but their orthodoxy is questioned by Muslims outside this region. The Muslim Nagarchis have much more social contact with Hindus than most other Muslim communities, especially in India.

What are their needs?
The Muslim Nagarchis need to hear and to respond to the message of Jesus Christ. They need help in learning job skills so they can escape the poverty in which many of them live. Medical workers can bring them the benefits of modern medicine. Many of their villages do not have access to clean water and electricity.

Prayer Points
Pray for loving gospel workers to catch a vision for reaching the Muslim Nagarchi people for Jesus and that in God's sovereign timing the hearts of these people would be open and ready to follow him.
Pray for Jesus movements to bless extended families so the gospel will spread rapidly.
Pray for the spiritual lives of the Muslim Nagarchi people to become fruitful so others will be drawn to Jesus Christ.
Pray for the lives and culture of the Muslim Nagarchi people to evidence the rule and reign of the Kingdom of God as they open to the gospel, and for the beauty of Jesus to be seen in them.

Nagarchi (Muslim traditions) of India