Rajput Bais (Muslim traditions) of India
People Name: Rajput Bais (Muslim traditions)
Country: India
Language: Urdu
Population: 97,000
Unreached: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Muslim - Rajput
Primary Religion: Islam
% Adherents: 0.00 %
% Evangelical: 0.00 %
Progress Status: 1.0
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Introduction / History
The Bais Rajput of India are a former Hindu warrior caste. There are many Muslims as well as Hindus among them. They are high in the caste order as they are from the very high caste of Dhangar Rajputs begun by rich Kshatriyas who went to live in what is now Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Dhangar means one who is wealthy. The region of Baiswada is named after them. They also live in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Those in Jammu and Kashmir have suffered some discrimination for not being in that part of the country from the beginning and it is said that there are not many Bais Rajputs here now.

In the hilly regions, the Bais Rajput tend to be farmers and are not too advanced. However most Bais Rajputs have a high status in society. They have made much money from agriculture and have built wells.

Prayer Points
* Pray that pride will not get in the way of the Bais Rajputs coming to Jesus Christ.
* Pray that they will use their wealth to help the poor.

Rajput Bais (Muslim traditions) of India