Zapoteco, Yalalag of Mexico
People Name: Zapoteco, Yalalag
Country: Mexico
Language: Zapotec, Yalalag
Population: 4,200
Unreached: No
People Cluster: Zapoteco
Primary Religion: Christianity
% Adherents: 95.00 %
% Evangelical: 3.30 %
Progress Status: 4.0
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Introduction / History
The Zapotec of Yalalag live in the Juarez Mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Zapotecs are friendly when they are not put on the defensive about their religion and belief system.

The authorities from Yalalag teach the townspeople that every Zapotec has the obligation to offer service to the community and the Catholic church. The leaders reject those who do not like to provide this commitment towards the enforced public service.

Zapoteco houses are made out of concrete block with tile or metal roofs. Most have only two rooms, the kitchen and the bedroom. Homes that are older have mud or adobe walls and thatched roofs.

Older women wear the traditional huipil (a cotton ankle-length dress), sometimes embroidered with flowers down the seams of the panels. Younger women and girls wear more Western style clothing.

What are their beliefs?
The majority of the Zapotecs from this region are Catholics and have many churches where they meet and worship. Religious festivals are an important part of their culture. They also have mixed their Catholic doctrine with many animistic beliefs (belief that non-living objects have spirits).

What are their needs?
The Yalalag Zapotecos response to the Gospel has been slow, but the local Church remains faithful to the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Bible League has printed the New Testament in the Zapotec language.

Prayer Points
* Ask God for economic provision for the church; that they will continue to develop social assistance between the various Zapotecs people groups.

Zapoteco, Yalalag of Mexico