Dutch of Netherlands
People Name: Dutch
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Population: 13,994,000
Unreached: No
People Cluster: Germanic
Primary Religion: Non-Religious
% Adherents: 48.00 %
% Evangelical: 4.40 %
Progress Status: 4.0
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Introduction / History
The Dutch are a Germanic language people group. They were Catholic for centuries and then rebelled against the Catholic Spanish who were controlling their country. They accepted the Reformation and eventually Calvinism (theological system from John Calvin) was imposed as the theology for the state church. Today many are atheist, agnostic and a naturalistic, materialistic, atheistic worldview predominates. A leader in liberal morality worldwide, the Dutch however have a long past of evangelical believers like Erasmus, Arminius, Brother Andrew, and Corrie Ten Boom.

Where are they located?
Their homeland is located in the northwestern part of Europe, above Belgium, to the south of the North Sea, and to the west of Germany.

What are their lives like?
Their lives are similar to other northern European people groups. Individualism, direct communication, planning and honesty are important ideals. They are known for being tolerant of other worldviews and lifestyles though they may or may not be biblically based.

What are their beliefs?
A materialistic, often atheistic worldview predominates.

Prayer Points
Pray that they will hear the gospel and be saved by Christ. Pray they will know God's absolute word on what is right and what is evil.

Dutch of Netherlands