Bosavi of Papua New Guinea
People Name: Bosavi
Country: Papua New Guinea
Language: Kaluli
Population: 5,500
Unreached: No
People Cluster: New Guinea
Primary Religion: Christianity
% Adherents: 80.00 %
% Evangelical: 17.00 %
Progress Status: 5.0
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Introduction / History
The Kaluli people live on the northern and western slopes of Mt. Bosavi, an 8,500 foot high, extinct volcano in the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. They live in a remote portion of the jungle, accessible only by small aircraft landing on one of two short grass airstrips in the area. They use both hunting and gathering techniques, as well as subsistence farming to provide food, and rely almost exclusively on jungle materials for housing materials. The Kaluli people were traditionally animistic, and the Gospel was first introduced into the area in the early 1960s. There are currently 17 small churches throughout the area, one in each of the Kaluli villages. These churches are small and have few resources, but they are eager to get God's Word in the Kaluli language. Kaluli, a Papuan language, is part of the Bosavi language family, which includes about 20 loosely related languages.

Bosavi of Papua New Guinea