Arab, Lebanese of United States
People Name: Arab, Lebanese
Country: United States
Language: Arabic, North Levantine Spoken
Population: 490,000
Unreached: No
People Cluster: Arab, Levant
Primary Religion: Islam
% Adherents: 32.00 %
% Evangelical: 0.50 %
Progress Status: 2.0
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United States


Introduction / History
The Lebanese are the most numerous Arab group of people living in the U.S.A. The Lebanese there excel in the world of entertainment and in business. Some are in politics.

There are several places in America where the Lebanese live. Many of them live in Michigan and California. There are many famous Lebanese American people.

Large numbers of Lebanese began to come to America in the late 1800s and later some bought farms. Many more Lebanese came after World War II till near the end of the last century. A lot came to get away from the Lebanese Civil War. Since then the percentage of Lebanese arriving has been less and most of them coming now are Muslims. They are mainly Sunni and Shia Muslims. They speak Arabic and English.

The closeness of families in America amongst the Lebanese has lessened but they mainly marry among their own communities. Divorce is not well liked among them. Muslims have begun Islamic schools. They have mosques and where they have no mosques they rent rooms.

Prayer Points
* Pray that Lebanese Christians will give the Lebanese Arabs the gospel message
leading them to Jesus Christ.
* Pray that as the Lebanese Arabs read the Koran they will want to read the Bible
and that this will lead them to Salvation too.

Arab, Lebanese of United States