Screening Procedures

The networking information that Joshua Project shares includes a basic statistical summary of a people group and a listing of 'non-secure' individuals and agencies focusing on the same people. The activity level and means of contacting each entry is included. If you or your group has need of contact data, please follow the procedure below:

1. Use of Data:
Explain how you plan to use the contact information and your own commitment to the people group. We generally do not release the data to those not also committed to the people. If you have not previously done so, please register your commitment of adoption, church planting, advocacy etc.

2. Your Contact Information:
As a part of our screening process, we will need your full name, agency name (if applicable), mailing address, phone, fax, and email. We prefer, when practical, to mail the data directly to your agency and allow them to forward it to you. If you represent an agency, church or organization, please provide their name and COMPLETE address, phone, fax and email if different from your address on the registration form.

3. Your Reference:
Please also provide us with a reference, preferably an agency or someone who may be known to us in the missions community. If you do not have a missions-related reference, please provide the name of a local church AND denominational affiliation. We will not check references or release data without: the reference person, church or agency's COMPLETE agency name, mailing address, phone, and if available, fax and email addresses. An email address alone is inadequate. We will not give security clearance if we are unable to verify your reference.

4. People Group Name::
Make sure you identify the people group and country(s) of your interest. Registering using the button on the bottom of the appropriate people group profile will insert the proper people name and country on the registration form.

5. Submit Request:
Mail or email your request to Joshua Project Networking Coordinator at the address provided below. If you request that reports be sent via email, we will need your PGP key.

Contact data is only for networking related to specific people groups and is not to be published, displayed or used for personal fund raising. Thank you for understanding the sensitivity of the data involved.

Joshua Project
Networking Coordinator
PO Box 62614
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-4080 USA

Email: <[email protected]>
Phone: 1.719.886.4000

Uygur, Yutian of China
Population:  70,000
Status: Unreached
Nuristani, Waigeli of Afghanistan
Population:  33,000
Status: Unreached
Hu of China
Population:  1,100
Status: Unreached
Aguri of India
Population:  612,000
Status: Unreached
Hmong Shua, Sinicized of China
Population:  353,000
Status: Unreached
Tibetan, Boyu of China
Population:  4,300
Status: Unreached

Largest Unreached

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